Watch ducks, eat fish

17:09, October 29, 2009      

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Although a sign hanging on the door still says "Members Only", the Purple Jade Country Club's F&B Center (紫玉乡村俱乐部餐饮中心一层) is now open to everybody.

The restaurant used to serve only members, mostly residents of Purple Jade, a high-end villa compound. Restaurant patrons can enter through the West One gate and discover a different world of tree-lined paths, large patches of green, and lakes with swans and mandarin duck swimming in them.

Private rooms at the restaurant offer a good view of the surrounding lake. The cuisine includes Cantonese, Western, Thai and Sichuan styles, prepared by chefs from Hong Kong, Guangdong, Thailand and Sichuan. All dishes are beautifully presented. Turbot is prepared by both poaching and deep-frying (乾坤双味多宝鱼). Tiger shark's fin with crab pincers in golden broth (金汤蟹钳海虎翅), French foie gras with sauted prawn (法国鹅肝煎酿明虾), and Thai-style curry crab are three other specialties of this eatery. You may also like to try braised snail with Parmesan cheese (帕马森芝士焗蜗牛). The restaurant has some popular dishes, such as fried bull frog with pickled chili (天赋泡椒牛娃), which is super tender and flavorful. Shrimp is deep-fried crispy spicy and seasoned with basil (金不换炒辣虾). Lovers of Japanese food have not been forgotten, as there are sushi and sashimi, and a brief wine list.

Average spending is 200-250 yuan per person. But it is not uncommon for a family of four or five people to come in and have a dinner at 600 yuan. The only problem is their temporary menu has no English version. So take a copy of this paper to show them what you want.!

1/F, Purple Jade Country Club F&B Center, enter through West One Gate, 1 Ziyu Donglu, Chaoyang district. 6492-5551

Source: China Daily
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