"Rest on Your Shoulder" about love in broader sense

12:43, June 16, 2011      

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Lead actresses of the Chinese film "Rest on Your Shoulder", from left to right, Gigi Leung, Kwai Lun-mei and Jiang Yiyan promote the film at a press conference during the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The romantic fantasy film also stars actor Chen Kun, and is directed by Jacob Cheung. Both Chen and Cheung were absent from the event. (Photo: CRIENGLISH.com)

Chinese actress Jiang Yiyan, who stars in the romantic fantasy movie, "Rest on Your Shoulder", says the keywords of the film are love, sacrifice, and the environment.

"The film tells a story about making sacrifices for love. But its essential message lies in the broader sense of love - love for our planet; love for all things around you," Jiang said on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

"Rest on Your Shoulder" is in the running for the festival's top Golden Goblet Awards, the winners of which will be announced on June 19.

In the film, Jiang plays a woman who sacrifices her human form and turns into a butterfly, in an attempt to save the life of her fiancé, a biologist played by Chen Kun.

The story is set on a wonderland-like isle, and features talking insects. Director Jacob Cheung has filled more than half of the film with computer-generated scenes.

That makes acting for the film a challenge, according to Gigi Leung and Kwai Lun-mei, the other two lead actresses.

Kwai plays the biologist's assistant, and Leung plays a journalist visiting the island. Both actresses had to act with imagination.

"It was a brand-new acting experience to me. I had many scenes talking to a butterfly. Of course there was no butterfly where I was acting. So I had to imagine that it was in front of me, or resting on my shoulder," said Kwai.

Gigi Leung called the film a rare experience, "How many actors get to co-star with a little insect?"

"Rest on Your Shoulder" is slated for release in Chinese theaters on July 8.

Source: CRIENGLISH.com
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