Open letter to Zhang Ziyi about 'fake' donation

19:11, March 25, 2010      

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Dear Miss Zhang Ziyi:

No matter where you are right now, we write you this open letter, in the name of the vast amount of netizens who really care about this matter, to question the details of the "fake donation" and we hope you could give us a clear and open explanation.

You may ask why we keep pursuing it and just not let it go. That is because the Wenchuan Earthquake has left the Chinese people a deep scar in heart which is hard to smooth, moreover, your unexplainable behaviors are challenging human being's moral limitation. Yes, you may take advantage laws in different countries, take advantage of Chinese people's forgetfulness and tolerance, and take advantage of the open lies through your agent and hide yourself in some dark corner from cameras and public, but all of these can not prevent more netizens to turn into "detectives" to ask and probe the truth.

First question:

How many times did you raise funds overseas and how much of the money?

Please tell the public honestly how many times you had raised funds overseas. Also tell the locations, ways and account details in the name of helping people hit by the earthquake. We have proof that you had ever advertised on "Hollywood Report" and distributed a large amount of cards for people to pledge donations.

Second question:

Why don't you publicize the financial information of the charity?

According to the management measure of benevolent fund in U.S., the Ziyi Zhang Foundation should open the financial affairs and the process of charity by establishing a Web site. However, the detail has never been transparent since the Foundation started, and even when questioned about the funds, you still would not open the books.

Third question:

How many times you rose fund overseas and how much of the money?

Many times you said in public that you had raised 1 million dollars in the name of "Wenchuan Earthquake" by your own effort, but where is the money now and why hasn't a single penny been used in the reconstruction of earthquake-hit areas?

Fourth question:

What is the true story of "Ziyi Zhang Foundation"?

According to some netizens' investigation, they found two accounts on U.S. government's Web site with the name "Ziyi Zhang Foundation." One is based in New York (set up in November of 2008) and another based California (set up on May 19, 2008). When two accounts were brought to light, Zhang's team activated the New York one on Feb. 9, 2010, while shutting down the the Californian account on Feb. 13, 2010.

Miss Zhang, please tell everybody what is the real background of "Ziyi Zhang Foundation" which you used to raise funds in Cannes.

Fifth question:

Whether it was legal or not for your overseas donation?

According to the relative rules, the Red Cross does not have the right to raise funds overseas, and it is illegal for individual person to raise funds. So, is it lawful for you to collect money in the name of the Red Cross?

By People's Daily Online/Agencies
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