Best ten cities to say "Will you marry me?"

15:27, November 23, 2009      

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Verona, Italy: balcony waiting for Juliet

Verona, one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Italy, is the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, and wined its famous because of well-known lovers under the pen of Shakespeare.

Juliet's house locates in a little yard of the city center. In the yard, a bronze sculpture of Juliet stands with motion of affectionateness and sadness. The sculpture's right chest is very shiny, because a legend story says good romance will be brought by touching it. On the left side of the sculpture is the balcony, which is so attractive for many young boys and girls. In this place where Romeo and Juliet dated, all the walls and gates had been written blessing sentences.

And also, Juliet's cemetery is one of Verona's greatest places. It is said that Romeo and Juliet were getting married here, so many young couples from all over the world come here all the way for their weddings. Whether the love story of Romeo and Juliet is true or not is not that important in Verona, but the romance itself had become a religious here.

By People's Daily Online

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