"Whale" wife loses 51 kg to become "hot" mom

15:55, February 08, 2010      

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Lara, 110 kg weight, was given the nickname "whale" by her husband.

According to a report in the News Of The World, a 110 kg woman, who was given the nickname "whale" by her husband, recently lost more than 50 kg by playing Wii Fit –an interactive video game designed to help people loose weight – and turned to be a hot mother looks like "Ashlee Simpson".

38-year-old Lara started having an incredible appetite after giving birth to her second child. She not only ate lots of cheese, sandwiches and pizzas, but also had lots of high calorie cakes and snacks. She consumed more than 4,000 calories every day, causing her weight to increase to 110 kg in a short period of time.

Lara suffered from this overweight problem for quite a while, and it made her so upset. She said it was becoming difficult to get down the stairs; when she walked outside, she often saw people judging her; she even had to bear her husband’s taunts, calling her a "beached whale" when they were having sex.

In order to get rid of the "whale" nickname, she bought a "Wii Fit" machine and practiced with it an hour per day. She did this exercise everyday and reduced her high calorie food intake. After a year, she incredibly lost 51 kg and turned into a real "hot" mother.

The new Lara not only has a better figure and better life with husband, but also looks similar to U.S. pop singer Ashlee Simpson, which her feel quite confident about herself.

By People's Daily Online/CNS

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