New China's first generation military Jeep

15:58, February 02, 2010      

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Among Chinese military vehicles, the Beijing Jeep series are the most popular. It has been 45 years since BJ-212, New China's first generation military Jeeps' design was finalized.

For nearly half a century, BJ-212 and its subsequent Beijing Jeeps played a very import role in the Chinese army. They usually appeared on the front lines of battle fields, completing their missions successfully time and time again. Therefore, they won respect and love from many soldiers and commanders.

In the early period of New China, the national automotive industry almost meant nothing. The supply of military tactical command autos relied on American Jeeps captured from battlefield and GAZ-69 donated by the former Soviet Union. Therefore, developing China's own command autos became a very important problem at that time.

Beijing Automobile Works received the order and organized outstanding technicians to tackle the problem. They borrowed the ideas from the technology of Soviet Union's cars and the design of American Jeep, and finalized the designs of BJ-212 and BJ212A in 1965.


After evaluation in early 1966, experts said BJ-212 achieved its design goals and was even better than GAZ-69 in dynamic property and fuel economy. From 1966, BJ-212 went into mass production.

BJ-212 had been mainly used for commanding and transporting weapons. Although the BJ-212 was able to carry many weapons and had a good capacity for fighting, it also carried some shortcomings such as not being too comfortable.

Since the 1980s, Beijing Automobile Works introduced advanced foreign technologies and improved more than 100 of the BJ-212's technology, and produced BJ-212L, BJ-2020N, BJ-2020S, BJ-2020V as well as other subsequent jeeps.

BJ-212 and its subsequent jeeps are used to appearing on the National Day parade to accept the inspection of the country's leaders.

In 2008, China's second generation of light duty cross-country car, "Beijing Warrior" rolled off the production line, and from that moment on, BJ-212 and its subsequent jeeps started to become obsolete.

BJ-212 with cannon

PLA Daily contributed to the story

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