Caution: Aliens may attack!

13:35, January 27, 2010      

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According to the Daily Telegraph, UK scientists warned that UN and Governments' offices should join those scientists who are looking for aliens, in order to avoid Earth to be involved into "interstellar political disturbance" if they contact some ill-disposed aliens.

Before that, global scientists had been arguing on whether to put much more efforts on looking for aliens or not. Marek Kukula, a scientist form Royal Observatory Greenwich, hoped that we can find another civilization beyond the Earth, and which could be more intelligent and more peace-advocated.

However, Marek also warned that we can only presume we can contact with friendly creatures without proof, but it is possibly the opposite consequence; so dealing with those unknown aliens, UN and Governments form all countries should better take part in.

This week, The Royal Society - the UK's national academy of science will hold a two days seminar to discuss the influence and impact on science and society that brought by exploring out space creatures. On the seminar, Professor Simon Morris, from Cambridge University, would make a speech to warn people prepare for the worst.

By People's Daily Online
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