8-year-old girl hunts job to save parents

16:44, January 26, 2010      

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Fei Fei holds a board to look for a job to support her family with disabled father and lung cancer-caught mother in a local park. (Photo by Zhu Jiang)

Recently, the behavior of an 8-year-old girl, who lives in Shizhu County of Chongqing, triggered great dispute among local residents.

The girl, alias Fei Fei, holds a board to look for a job to support her family with disabled father and lung cancer-caught mother in a local park. To treat her parents, her family has borrowed almost 100 thousands yuan. In order to ease family's economic burden, Fei Fei decided to find a job and earn some money.

According to Sun, Fei Fei's father, he and his wife earn the family's living on selling groceries; they have two kids, and Fei Fei is his big daughter. More than 10 years ago, he caught a terrible disease which led him disabled, and now he can only walk with the help of someone else. In December, his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. As of now, he already borrowed nearly 100,000 yuan to treat the parents.

At first, Sun did not know what his little girl did, but only thought she was playing at her aunt's home. But, when Fei Fei got back home, she passed 30 yuan to her father to buy medicine. Sun kept asking Fei Fei where did the money come from, and then Fei Fei told the truth.

Heard about the story, Sun knew his daughter stood on the street for couple of hours, and three warm-hearted people gave her 30 yuan. "I am moved and also fell sadness. The younger she is so sensible makes me deeply fell into self-accusation." He said.

Her mother, Xie, said Fei Fei always helped his grandpa and grandma to take care of family's daily life, and although being a little girl, she never asked for snacks.

Fei Fei's aunt said Fei Fei found her and asked her to help. She knew Fei Fei's thought could not be realized, but moved by Fei Fei's persistence and courage, she made the board for her and sent her to the park.

Some people think Fei Fei's mind is pure and her behavior is heart-warming, some female passers-by even shed tires when they knew what Fei Fei was doing.

While some people said Fei Fei's situation is indeed commiserable, but how could an 8-year-old little girl figure out the method to draw people's attention is confusing. They doubt some adult taught her to do so to gain people's sympathy.

Chongqing Evening contributes to the story

By People's Daily Online
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