Same face appears in 2000 people's dreams

17:05, October 28, 2009      

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According to psychologists, the face appears in more than 2000 people's dreams around the world.

Nearly every person dreams on this planet, and sometimes strange faces will appear in our dreams. However, an unbelievable topic about dreams has been hot on Internet recently. It is said that the same face appeared in more than 2000 people's dreams around the world at the same time. All the dreamers claim to never have seen the face before. People who have heard about this will keep asking is it a real phenomenon or just a trick?

In January 2006, a female patient visited a psychologist's home in New York and described her weird dream for the very first time. According to her there was a completely strange man who gave her lots of hints about her life in a dream. The psychologist drew the face out and put it on his desk.

Later, some other patients saw the picture when being treated and said they had dreamed similar dreams with the same face. Then the psychologist printed the picture and gave copies to many psychological doctors. It was not long before the doctor got response, many patients in different countries had experienced similar dreams.

The man appears in people's dreams in different roles such as respectable elder, lover and even Santa Claus, but with the same face. Most of the dreamers say the man seemed reliable, attractive looking, and some of them even thought he was erotogenic.

What does this man's appearance mean? Global netizens enthusiastically discussed and summed up the following conclusions:

1. The face may be a part of people's "mutual sense", which is gathering people's memory.

2. This man actually does exist in the real world. He is capable of using some supernatural power to transfer himself into different people's dreams.

3. The face's appearance in some people's dreams maybe because they have gazed at his picture for a long time.

In addition, some critics predicted a secret movement is behind the report.

By People's Daily Online
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