Chishui - Admire waterfalls, a bamboo sea and Danxia in China's "Jurassic Park" (2)

08:48, September 09, 2010      

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The World of Danxia

  China's Danxia landscape has recently been added to UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List. Danxia refers to a landform that consists of a red bed of land and steep cliffs. While you are in Chishui, you will find this typical land mass stretches for as long as 1,000 kilometers. The Wuzhufeng and Red Stone scenic zones are two representatives among the countless number of natural attractions in the area.

  In Wuzhufeng, a visit to Foguangyan is highly recommended. Foguanyan means "cliff under Buddha's ray." It is an arched Danxia stone cliff 234 meters high and 1,000 meters long. It is shaped like a giant opened book and looks like beautiful rosy clouds under the sunshine. A waterfall hangs in the middle of the cliff like a white ribbon dancing inside the red book.

  At Red Stone scenic zone, red cliffs, green forests, silver waterfalls and tranquil brooks are frequently seen in the wild valley. Endless arrays of brooks and waterfalls lead you through a natural frescoed corridor. Years of erosion have etched different patterns into the surface of the red cliff.

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