Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video resembles Madonna's "Vogue"

15:44, June 09, 2010      

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Video grab of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro." (Xinhua Photo)
Many people could immediatedly recognize Lady Gaga's nod to Madonna's "Vogue", when the former's latest video "Alejandro" premiered on screen Tuesday.

Yes, the sharp black-and-white photography, the muscular dancing, the spartan set and the iconic hairstyle are certainly a latest version of "Vogue".

However, the video was not a mere inheritance of "Vogue". Lady Gaga pays her homage to Madonna in a handful of ways.

The opening sequence of the video seems to recall Madonna's "Evita" period. When Gaga is dressed to mourn whomever is in the casket, it would be easy to assume that she's attending a state funeral.

When Gaga strips to her underwear and dominates a scantily clad dancer tied to a bed, the image most faithfully reminds people of Madona's "Human Nature," which saw her dressed in black pleather and dancing seductively with the assistance of ropes and a riding crop.

But the biggest nod to Madonna's past certainly comes with all the religious imagery. Gaga dresses as a nun, swallows rosary beads and stands in front of a row of crosses at various points during the clip, which brings to mind Madonna's classic video for "Like a Prayer."

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