Is "ant tribe" a pseudo concept?

10:42, March 23, 2010      

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As the "ant tribe" concept has been continually hyped for some time, a group of youth living in narrow apartments in the suburbs has started attracting public attention. After learning about the living conditions of the college graduates, some people sighed with pity and some were deeply moved with tears running down their cheeks. In my opinion however, the "ant tribe" phrase is actually a pseudo concept.

The existence of the so-called "ant tribe" is a natural social phenomenon instead of an issue of ignoring the existence of both low-income college graduates and the underlying social reality. Hyping the concept and exaggerating their misery not only is harmful for the personal development of the youth and for the formation of a rational and tolerant social mentality, but is also likely to create a negative emotional guidance or psychological suggestion. The intense speculations on hard living conditions and "misfortune" of college graduates will perhaps fuel the sense of deprivation and frustration, and even artificially stir up indignations, intensify the contradictions and disrupt the social harmony and stability.
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