Baise: a place of history, modernity (4)

10:34, March 04, 2010      

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Tourism spots

The city is among the first to promote "red tourism". (Photo: China Daily)

Baise is noted for its karst limestone scenery. Nearby Tiankeng is a world-class geological site honored as a center for international karst cave exploration and recipient of national park recognition

The city has become a new tourism destination following the other Guangxi cities of Guilin and Beihai. Named as "China's Outstanding Tourist City" in 2007, it has five 4A scenic spots and a number of agricultural tourist attractions.

In 2008, Baise renovated infrastructure in Guixi and four other counties, while 300 million yuan was invested last year in improving the infrastructure in villages in Debao, Jingxi and Napo counties.

Source: China Daily

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