New Zealand Prime Minister appoints "spokesbird"

15:47, February 04, 2010      

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The famous kakapo Sirocco. (CRI online Photo)

According to a report on Feb. 1, a famous kakapo has been appointed as the world's first "spokesbird".

The bird named Sirocco is a special parrot species in New Zealand. There are only 124 kakapos at present all over the world. In 2009, Sirocco made an unusual mating attempt with presenter Mark Carwadine's hair when Mark and Stephen Fry were working on their feature "Last chance to see".Later the video was uploaded to YouTube which attracted more than 100 thousand hits.

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key said that the kakapo Sirocco is the most optimal ambassador for habitat protection. "He's a very media savvy bird, he's got a worldwide fan base - they hang on every squawk that comes out of his beak. He'll be a great official ‘spokesbird' and a great ambassador for New Zealand."

John also said that Sirocco can draw people's attention to the protection of rare and endangered species. Kakapo is a unique species in New Zealand and there were only 51 left in the world in 1995. As the expansion of the habitat, there group began to enlarge. 33 newly hatched kakapos have just been transferred to an island in Southern New Zealand. New Zealand's government hope they can continue to breed there and the number of the species can be restored.

By People's Daily Online/ CRI Online
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