Micro-Chihuahua as tall as a dog-food-can

09:30, January 14, 2010      

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Lulu is only 3 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters long. (People's Daily Online/ Agencies Photo)

According to the Daily Mail Jan 12, a micro-Chihuahua as tall as a dog-food-can was crowned the "world's smallest dog". It's only 3 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters long.

The Chihuahua called Lulu was born three months ago. At first, her "mother" Jean Tindall didn't think the dog was unusual in any way. But later Jean had noticed that Lulu was different from her brothers and sisters. In fact, she was not growing at all. Jean said, "I didn't think anything of it when her mum gave birth to the litter, she looked the same size as all the others. But puppies grow quickly and I soon realized that her brothers and sisters were all overtaking her."

The mum added: "She sleeps all day long on a hot water bottle I give her to keep her warm."

"Even though she's small she's got so much love to give and is a little bundle of joy. She hasn't developed a bark yet but when she does I'm sure it'll be as loud as a normal- sized dog."

By People's Daily Online/ Agencies
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