Female attacked by lion

16:55, January 13, 2010      

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Long Wei displays the wounds she suffered after a lion attack when photographing tigers on the performing stage at an animal circus on Sunday, January 10, 2010 in southwest China's Chongqing municipality. (cqwb.com.cn Photo)

A female spectator has been attacked by a lion when she was photographing at an animal circus in southwest China's Chongqing municipality, Chongqing Evening News reports.

Thirty-year-old Long Wei and her boyfriend's son were among several spectators who paid to take photos of tigers on the performing stage on Sunday afternoon.

However, after taking pictures, a 1.3-meter-tall lion broke out of the cage and pounced on her.

Though Long Wei managed to roll over as the beast attacked, the lion's bites caused injuries to her head, ear, and right eye.

She was rescued from a fatal bite when a trainer managed to insert an iron bar into the lion's mouth. The trainer continued to beat the lion until he managed to drive it back to its cage.

The manager of the circus and management authorities on Foreigners' Street, the site of the accident, sent the victim to a local hospital.

On Tuesday, Long Wei was still unable to open her right eye.

Zhang Chunyan, manager of Anhui province's animal circus said he had compensated the victim with 10,000 yuan.

However on Tuesday, Long Wei complained to the Chongqing Evening News that she had received no compensation from the circus manager.

Meanwhile, the wildlife protection office of Chongqing Forestry Bureau told the newspaper they were conducting an investigation into the animal circus. The office has demanded the circus suspend the show until the disputes are properly handled.

Source: CRI online
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