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09:05, December 18, 2009      

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09:30 Nature & Science

09:55 Chinese Civilization

10:00 CCTV News

10:15 Sports Scene

10:30 New Frontiers

11:00 Biz China

1130: Around China

12:00 News Hour

13:00 Dialogue

13:30 Travelogue

14:00 Biz China

14:30 Culture Express

15:00 CCTV News

15:15 Learn to Speak Chinese

15:30 Nature and Science

15:55 Chinese Civilization

16:00 CCTV News

16:15 Sports Scene

16:30 New Frontiers

17:00 CCTV News

17:30 Documentary

18:00 Biz China


7:00 The Game

9:15 Wanted

11:00 Jury Duty

13:00 The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2

15:00 Where's Marlowe?

17:00 Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

19:00 Wanted

21:00 Mr. Woodcock

22:25 Tmz 127

23:00 Sex And The City S201: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

23:25 Sex And The City S202: The Awful Truth

ESPN STAR sports

08:00 Live 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball

Match: Gardner-Webb vs. Duke

10:00 First Air Sportscenter Right Now 2009

10:01 Repeat US Open 9-Ball Championship 2009

11:00 Repeat Bupa Great Australian Run Melbourne

11:59 Repeat Sportscenter Right Now 2009

12:00 Repeat UEFA Champions League 2009/10

Match: Sevilla vs. Rangers

14:00 Repeat Sportscenter Right Now 2009

14:01 Repeat UEFA Champions League 2009/10

Match: Dynamo Kiev vs. Barcelona

16:00 Repeat Planet Speed 2009/10

16:30 Repeat Sportscenter Right Now 2009

16:31 Repeat US Open 9-Ball Championship 2009

17:30 Repeat 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball

Match: Gardner-Webb vs. Duke

19:30 Live Sportscenter Asia

20:00 First Air Global Football

20:30 First Air Tiger World Of Football

21:00 Repeat Cev Beach Volleyball European Championship Tour - Spanish Masters

22:00 Repeat Sportscenter Asia

22:30 Repeat UEFA Champions League 2009/10

Match: Atletico Madrid vs. Porto


CRI highlight

At 23:30, In the Spotlight will focus on China's New Year film season. Since the 1990s, winter has been a prime season for films of all genres to hit the big screen in China. From 2002, when the Chinese film industry entered its blockbuster era, the race to register bigger sales at the box office is tremendous. The New Year film season this time is packed with more than 50 films. Watch out for the chart-toppers.

World-renowned filmmaker Zhang Yimou's Red Film Trilogy is known for a deep humanist angle and profound social significance. His film Hero was the first blockbuster in Chinese film history. Now that his first comedic thriller, A Simple Noodle Story, has hit the big screen, he talks to CRI about why he thinks detective and horror films are also worth a shot.

07:00-07:30 News & Reports

07:30-08:00 People In the Know

08:00-11:00 EZ Morning

11:00-12:00 China Drive

12:00-14:00 Third Wheel

14:00-17:00 EZ Cafe

17:00-19:00 China Drive

19:00-20:00 Sunset Blvd.

20:00-22:00 The Pulse

22:00-23:00 All That Jazz

23:30-24:00 In the Spotlight + Chinese Studio

00:00-03:00 China Now


Films showing at cinemas

A Simple Noodle Story

The Treasure Hunter

Hua Mulan

The Storm Riders II

(The above films are Chinese with English subtitles)

G-Force (English)

Twilight (English)

2012 (English)

District 9 (English)

Star City

BB65, Oriental Plaza, 1 Dongchang'an Jie, Wangfujing east side of Oriental Plaza. 8518-5804


Source: China Daily
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