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09:17, December 15, 2009      

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A participant making a rubber stamp in a LOHAS room activity. Photo courtesy of LOHAS room

They try to walk or take public transportation, they don't smoke, they carry their own chopsticks and shopping bags when going out and they recycle and sort their garbage. They are the people living a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS).

Tolerance and optimism are the common characteristics among this group of people. They believe that by caring for the environment and doing good deeds, they will feel better about themselves and become healthier and more energetic. The process is summarized as "three goods": do good, feel good and look good. Although a new concept, in Beijing, LOHAS is becoming increasingly popular.

Healthy living means sharing

LOHAS Room is a club that holds healthy and environmental friendly weekend activities. Founder and organizer Yu Xiaobei learned the concept several years ago and visualized starting a fun LOHAS club ever since. She finally made it happen this past October, and held the first activity in November. "I wanted to escape the boring life to start a fun and vigorous way of living, and most importantly, share it with others," said Yu. She thinks LOHAS is more about attitude toward life. "LOHAS is not a label. To me, it means to have a healthy spirit and positive lifestyle."

Activities held so far include making handcrafts, arranging flowers and making coffee with beans they roast themselves. Events were announced via the Internet, and each activity drew 15 to 20 participants. The most recent event, the flower arranging class, "was a huge success. There were participants who text messaged me after the event telling me they hope more events can be organized on a regular basis," Yu said proudly.

So far, most of the events were hosted by Yu's friends, "But I am planning to rent a place of my own, so we can have a fixed venue in the future."

Yu is also adding more fun-sharing activities to her agenda, such as wine tasting, drawing and cooking.

"The major characteristics of a LOHAS life, such as being healthy and environmentally friendly are all reflected in our events, although our concept might vary slightly and focus more on sharing and enjoying life."

Address: 5-2- 602, No.23 Waiguan Donglu, Chaoyang District


Tel: 138-1134-4784

Website: www.douban.com/group/LOHASROOM
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