How many “Mulan” does Chinese culture need?

13:32, December 03, 2009      

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[Opera "Mulan" a blend of East and West]

Chinese opera "Mulan" won wide acclaim at its debut at the Vienna State Opera House. Guan Xia, composer of "Mulan," attributed the success to artistic innovations the opera has gone through.

"'Mulan' adopts the approaches familiar to Western opera-lovers. There is no aesthetic gap for them to appreciate this Chinese opera," said Guan. [Detail]

"Mulan" blooms in Vienna State Opera House >>

[Do you know “Mulan”?]

"Mulan Joins the Army" is a popular ancient Chinese folk story. The character Hua Mulan was popularized in the West by the 1998 Disney animated film "Mulan".
The legend is well-known. Hua Mulan joins an all-male army, taking the place of her elderly father, to fight against the nomad's invasion. [Detail]

[“Mulan” in Chinese opera and in Chinese film]

Chinese opera "Mulan Psalm" makes debut in Tokyo

The Chinese opera "Mulan Psalm", putting together various forms of performance such as symphony, musical, theater and dance, and blending into the elements of Chinese folk music, singing techniques, national costumes and martial art, got a premiere in Tokyo. [Detail]

Epic tale of Mulan returns to cinemas

The classic story of the Chinese heroine Mulan is coming to the big screen again. Disney's animation made the girl who goes in disguise to take her ailing father's place in the army a household name in the 1990s. But this time she's a very real Chinese girl, played by actress Zhao Wei. [Detail]

[Why does China need to make world know more “Mulan”?]

China to enter global cultural competitions with very best

Chinese literature and Chinese culture remain at a disadvantageous status in global cultural cooperation. Furthermore, China is currently faced with a host of difficulties when its culture is reacy to march onto the world stage, out of the language, cultural and even political reasons. Hence, much patient, meticulous work has to be done, including relevant efforts to further strength culture ties with the world mainstream literary circles and international Sinologist circles. [Detail]

Senior leader urges efforts to promote Chinese culture globally

A senior Chinese leader on Friday called for efforts to incorporate technology into the development of the country's cultural industry and urged global promotion of Chinese culture. [Detail]

Brief review: Change of 60 years Chinese culture

From the limited past time enjoyments of decades ago, China's cultural and entertainment scene has moved into a phase of countless forms and dazzling colors. From books and a TV set as every family's only entertainment, people nowadays can enjoy themselves with portable gadgets, on the subway, on a bus, in the office, or in their own living room. Various media has offered people many options for relaxation and fun. [Detail]
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