Changchuntang Drugstore

17:40, August 28, 2008

Founded in the 55th year (1795AD) of Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in the Xianyukou Lane of the Qianmen Avenue by Sun Zhenlan, a taoist from Shandong Province, At that time, Beijing Changchuntang Drugstore took a management pattern of shop in front and mill behind, and made processed crude drugs and medical herb in pieces by itself.

At the mention of "Changchuntang Drugstore", old Beijingers will think of the "Biwensan" (a medicine to prevent plague) immediately. Biwensan produced by Changchuntang Drugstore has the efficacy of sweet, cold, dispelling plague and removing summer heat, getting a few to smear into the nasal cavity, and the cool and refreshing feeling can spread to the heart and brain. In 1930s, a jingle had ever come down among the Beijing people, that is "Don't worry about the hot summer. Go to Changchuntang for Biwensan quickly, and smear it into the nostril to smooth the heart. Ensure your health by removing summer heat and relieving fever. Even to these days, the buyers purchasing Biwensan in the Changchuntang Drugstore was yet in an endless stream in midsummer. Biwensan not only has the efficacy of removing summer heat and relieving fever, but also has the function of smelling fragrance, opening the orifice and promoting resuscitation; moreover it acts quickly.

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