President Hu Jintao inspects People's Daily


On the occasion of People's Daily's 60th founding anniversary, Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Chinese President paid a visit to People's Daily on June 20, 2008.

Chinese president congratulates People's Daily on 60th anniversary

When the General Secretary became a netizen

President Hu promises divergent voices be heard online

President Hu Jintao's remarks on media guidance

Hu Jintao spoke on five points of view on enhanced media guidance of public opinions during his inspection of the People's Daily office on June 20:

-- It is imperative to hold the principle of Party spirit and keep firmly in mind the correct media guidance of public opinions;

-- It is imperative to put the people first and increase the closeness, attraction and appeal of media reports;

-- It is imperative to keep up reform and brazing of new trails, so as to facilitates the media guidance of public opinion having a clear aim and increasing the actual effect;

-- It is imperative to strengthen the construction of main-stream media and newly-emerged media, so as to form a new pattern of media guidance of public opinions and;

-- It is imperative to do a good job with the expansion of the ranks in the media and increase their cohesiveness and effectiveness.

President Hu Jintao talks with netizens via Qiangguo (Strong China) Forum of People's Daily Online, June 20, 2008.

Strong China Forum

"I'm willing to get an idea on people's complaints of and proposals to the work of our Party and the government," President Hu said.

China's top leader held his first live online chat with netizens on Friday, telling them divergent voices could be heard in the country.

About Strong China Forum

The BBS Hu mentioned is the Qiangguo(Strong China) Forum, with the literal meaning in Chinese of "powering the nation". The virtual reality forum was initiated by netizens to express anger at the U.S.-led NATO forces bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. Since then, the forum has been one of the most popular venues for netizens to voice their individual opinions.

Hu: "The web is an important channel"

Forum: Good morning, Mr. General-Secretary. We know that you closely follow the development of the Internet and People's Daily Online. The moderators and netizens of the Strong China Forum all feel very excited and honored to have you here with us today. Would you please say a few words to our netizens?

Hu Jintao: Hello, my friends! It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you. First, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere greetings and best wishes to you all.

Forum: Thank you, General-Secretary, for your greeting to our netizens. They have posted many comments; some express their gratitude to you and some raise questions. I will read a few questions for you. Our netizens are looking forward to your answers. This first question is from a netizen called "picturesque landscape of our country": Do you usually browse the Internet?

Hu Jintao: Although I am too busy to browse the Internet everyday, I try to spend some time on the web. I would particularly like to say that the Strong China Forum of People's Daily Online is one of the web sites I often choose to visit.

Forum: Here is a question from a netizen called "happy third": Mr. General-Secretary, what do you read on the web?

Hu Jintao: First, I read domestic and international news on the web. Through the web I also want to know what netizens are thinking about and what their opinions are. Thirdly, I hope to get some suggestions and advice proposed by our netizens to the government and the Party.                     Full Text

President Hu inspects People's Daily
Chinese President Hu Jintao (R3) visits People's Daily Online on June 20, 2008. President Hu communicates with netizens at Strong China Forum on June 20. President Hu talks with reporters and editors of People's Daily Online on June 20. Chinese President Hu Jintao (C) inspects the People's Daily, in Beijing, June 20. President Hu reads the People's Daily while inspecting the its office on June 20.

Netizens Praise the First Online Exchange with President Hu

"We have waited anxiously in expectation for this day for a long time; on this day, our dreams have finally come true." On June 20, General Secretary Hu Jintao had an online exchange with netizens through the Strong China Forum, immediately causing a great sensation online. The number of netizens browsing and signing into the Strong China Forum surged, especially those in the Strong China Forum who one after another expressed their delight and excitement.

A netizen said, "The fact that the General Secretary was a guest at the Strong China Forum and had an exchange with netizens revealed three important points. First, the Internet has already taken a very important position in Chinese politics, economy, culture, and daily life. More Netizen "Longquan Huoma" said, "Summer is fiery and dynamic. Today, General Secretary Hu's visit to the Strong China Forum for an exchange with netizens lit a fire within the Forum, and it will definitely light up forums all across the country. More A netizen said, "This is very certain. General Secretary Hu Jintao's online exchange reflects a major confirmation of this from the Party and country toward netizens. This is a great step of progress.More