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Events Shocking World in 2007

    67 killed in Algiers car bombings

   18 S. Koreans kidnapped in Afghanistan : Taliban

   Pakistan's Bhutto killed in suicide attack

   Iran confirms seizure of British marines

   First train since 1951 crosses inter-Korean border

   More than 1100 people killed over cyclone in Bangladesh

   Death toll in Ukrainian coalmine blast reaches 88

Events Shocking China in 2007

   Death toll in China bridge collapse rises to 64

   Experts analyze causes of rat scourge

   East China on flood alert as Huaihe swells

   Floods ravage China's south and east provinces

   Strong quake hits SW Chinese county,three dead

   The good, the bad and the ugly

   Chinese Premier pledges to stablize soaring pork prices

Most Significant For China in 2007
China's top advisory body begins annual session

China's parliament starts annual session

President Hu delivers keynote speech on national development 10th anniversary of HK's return marked China 's first lunar probe Chang'e-1 blasts off
PLA's 80th anniversary marked People celebrate the openning of 17th Congress Jian-10 makes debut

First high-speed train hits the rail

Chinese expedition team leaves for South Pole
Most Beautiful in 2007
China's first Miss World unveiled Miss Int'l Queen 2007 transsexual beauty title unveiled Canadian crowned Miss Earth 2007 Miss USA 2007 crowned Mr. Pageant 2007
Miss Lebanon crowned Miss Intercontinental 2007 Miss New Zealand Chinese Beauty Pageant 2007 Miss Indonesia Universe 2007 crowned Miss Israel beauty pageant held in Haifa Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007
Odd Enough in 2007
'Buddha' shadow appears on mountaintop

One finger pulls 135 kg

Old man runs electric current through body

A goat with four horns

Human faced spider

Girl born with 8 limbs

A cat with two faces

World's tallest dog

World's tiniest dog Monsters of Lake Tianchi emerge again
Interesting Enough in 2007
One-legged Emirati father aiming for 100 children

Little chimp selects birthday gift

Genetically modified mice fearless of cat

Animal stepmothers Kitty Kung fu
Modern Toilet diner

Giant pandas play in Wolong

Puppy looks like a kitten

Britain 's fattest dog weighs 95 kg

Wedding dress has 28-metre train

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