China's peaceful rise is beyond doubt

Few countries evolved into world powers peacefully, so many people doubt the feasibility of China's path of peaceful development. By their logic, if China wants to protect and expand its national interests as well as to resolve maritime territorial disputes, a war with neighboring countries will be unavoidable. They believe that China is stuck in a dilemma between development and peace.

  • Anti-terror situation in South Asia still grim

    Mumbai, the financial center and India's largest city, suffered a major terrorist attack on July 13. Frequent terrorist activities in the city, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the 2006 serial subway blasts, have cast a huge shadow upon Indian citizens.

  • Socialism with Chinese characteristics ensures China's remarkable progress

    China has made remarkable progress in modernization in the last half century, while the same progress took developed Western countries one or two hundred years. China's growth has not only brought direct benefits to more than 1.3 billion Chinese people but also promoted the world prosperity as it has become the engine for world economic growth.

  • Mental slackness is the archenemy of reform

    At the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up, the Party made great efforts to liberate the people's minds. Nowadays it needs the courage to break vested interests.

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