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Beijing Olympics lauded at home and abroad
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14:11, August 26, 2008

The curtain of the Beijing Olympics dropped on August 24 with a closing ceremony featured with carnival festiveness; however, it seems that the atmosphere of gathering and celebration still goes on in people's hearts. The readers of People's Daily Online have left many messages expressing their admiration for the organizers and share their views on the whole games.

Most of them speak highly of the games by using such words as "tremendously successful", "memorable" and"flawless."The opening and closing ceremonies have also received wide praise for being "exceptional", "most enchanting", "unforgettable", "unique", "fabulous",and "fantastic."

Capture image from message board

The following are some of the messages:

"Wo Ai Beijing!!! Such a great event held by an exceptional host. Well done to all in Beijing and a special thanks to the volunteers. The Chinese government did very well to keep the games safe for all. By Sudesh"

"It was the most enchanting show I've ever seen. Unlikely some country will ever be able to measure up! My deepest respect for all of you & sincere congratulations for these amazing, unique & breathtaking OG. Breathtaking! by Griet"

"With great respect for the Chinese people & with much interest I have watched closely these unforgettable and unique Olympic Games. I've enjoyed the amazing and breathtaking opening & closing ceremony in Belgium & am aware that never I'll be watching something that will be able to compete with the grandeur your country has realized & achieved. The true competence and talent of your country and it's leaders is admirable, remarquable and a role model for the whole world. Moreover, the idea my daughter was present in your country as a student (& volunteer at the belgian embassy) fills me with proud. I could never more understand her deepest sympathy for the PR of China and its people. Please accept my feelings of gratitude and respect. You were all amazing! Congratulations."

"All the Americans I know think that China did a great job in the Olympics, and that the games and ceremonies were a pleasure to watch and were a triumph of China's creativity.
Jim Richards, Randolph, Mass. USA"

"Congratulations to all the people of China on a tremendously successful Olympic Games. The opening and closing ceremonies were beyond description and magnificent on a scale never seen before. It was also very nice to get to see some of your beautiful country and your wonderful people. I hope the spirit of the games will continue to grow and foster a deeper understanding amongst all the peoples of this world. We really are not very different from each other, and most of us want peace, harmony and understanding.
Thank you again for a wonderful two weeks.
Jerry C. in Florida USA"

By People's Daily Online

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