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City residents: sharing the joy of the Olympics Bird's Nest florid at nightLiu Huan, Sarah Brightman to jointly present theme songBeijing residents: sharing the joy of the Olympics "Beijing Olympic Games will hold most intense competition" Beijing: Cloudy/Cloudy 34-24 ℃
City residents: sharing the joy of the Olympics
17:40, August 06, 2008

Biking around the city, feeling at home

Recently, residents in the area near Guohua Thermal Power Plant had a pleasant surprise. Once night fell, the thermal power plant's 240 meter high smokestack transformed into a dazzling sight. New advanced lights illuminated the smokestack in brilliant colors. The projection on the smokestack showed the five Friendlies and auspicious clouds. This is the first piece of nighttime illumination engineering that Beijing has created for the Olympics. Ms. Zhang in the Hongmiao community said, "It's hard to imagine the Olympics are finally here, and they turned this simple smokestack into such a beautiful piece of nighttime scenery."

Mr. Li, who lives near Beijing South Station, also has nothing but praise for Beijing's new beautiful scenery. He excitedly said, "The newly built South Station is very modern, the 'Bird's Nest' has a lot of flair, and the newly renovated Qianmen Street exemplifies the features of Old Beijing. These new structures all have their own unique style, and when I have free time I bike around to take a look at it all. It makes me feel so much at home!"

Busy but proud for the Olympics

Not only are there Olympic decorations everywhere on Beijing streets, but people living in this city are all preparing their own "Olympic life."

"I plan to go with my colleagues to look for a park with an LCD screen, just like the night seven years ago when Beijing first successfully applied to host the Olympics. Everyone will bring drinks and snacks and wait together for the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony to begin." Zhang, who works in the media, is usually very busy at work, but has been waiting anxiously for the opening ceremony. 

Some people whose work is related to the Olympics have to work overtime. Ms. Li, who works for Sohu.com, has been extremely busy as the Olympics draw near. "We have to work overtime during the Olympics, and we don't get to rest on weekends." Although this extreme work schedule is difficult for her, she also feels proud. "Sohu is the only official Internet content sponsor for the Beijing Olympics, and this makes me feel that our work is all a part of the Olympics and that I've been able to contribute to them."

People exercising become beautiful scenery

This summer, Beihai is a sea of lotus flowers, but it is even more the perfect place for exercising. 

"We old ladies are here every morning to exercise, doing mulanquan, taijiquan, calisthenics, and a lot more. I'm in great shape right now. Can you tell I'm 72 years old?" Ms. Zhang laughed with a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. Wearing a red short-sleeved shirt and white pants under the sun, she appears even more energetic and healthy.

A few women practicing with Taijirouli balls have become a piece of scenery in the eyes of passersby, with the sight of the ball rising, falling, and turning in the women's hands like flowing water. A tall woman named Ms. Zhao is the most agile of the group. "Lately I haven't practiced as much, and my skill has gotten a little worse," she said. "These days I've had more responsibilities in my community, since the Olympics are just about to begin. I have to do my job well!"

Practicing with a ball beside her, Ms. Li added, "A few days ago a foreign friend even took a picture of her, it was great."

By People's Daily Online

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