What an outrageous Cold War mentality!

15:11, February 01, 2010      

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The United States government on January 30 approved 6.4 billion US dollars in weapons for Taiwan in disregard of China's firm, resolute opposition and repeated representations, and so the Chinese side has warned of serious consequences arising therefrom.

The US State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley played down the chances of the sale hurting U.S.-China relations. "We have worked through these issues before… We will work through them again," he said, noting this is the clear demonstration of the commitment that this administration has to provide Taiwan the defensive weapons it needs…"

Gross interference in China's internal affairs by the United States and its move to endanger China's national security and undermine the country's peaceful reunification with Taiwan has stirred up an immense popular resentment. Although the cold war has been over for about 20 years, the U.S. repeatedly claims to break with the cold war mentality, and its arms sale to Taiwan, however, has once again demonstrated the cold war mentality and sheer outrageous moral hypocrisy. How can people not feel "surprised"?

The U.S. arms sale to Taiwan based on the Taiwan Relations Act,an act of the U.S. Congress passed back in late march 1979, is itself a product of the Cold War mentality. To date, the U.S. government has not only failed to reduce arms sales to Taiwan gradually over a period of time to the final settlement of the commitment, but instead has increasingly shown a kind of rudely behavior.

As is known to all, the relations across the Taiwan strait has significantly improved and developed over the recent period of time, but the peremptory, outrageous actions of the U.S. government, nevertheless, creates strained tensions. After all, the United States is simply drawing an ideological line and tries every possible means to contain China's development and progress.

At present, the economic globalization is in full swing and the inter-blending of interests of China and the U.S. goes on moving and deepening. The American government, nevertheless, overlooks an overall situation of Sino-U.S. relations, constrained by the cold war mentality and succumbed to military pressure from business interests, and makes the decision on arms sale to Taiwan. So, it is a very sad and shortsighted strategy, which seriously interferes with Sino-US ties and is sure to bring a grave, negative impact to numerous crucial areas of exchanges and cooperation.

The U.S. government has tried hard to show its "change" attitude in the past year on a series of major global issues but its arms sale to Taiwan runs counter to this gesture or approach. While claiming its respect for China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the U.S. government is in fact sending a wrong signal through its arms sale to Taiwan; while trumpeting support for the peaceful development of the cross-strait relations, it is actually concocting the new instability notion in the Taiwan Strait area. Are all U.S. moves not typical of the moral hypocracy?

Due to the serious damage the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan has inflicted upon Sino-US relations, announced the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China has decided to postpone part of the Sino-US military exchange programs, as also vice-ministerial level consultation on strategic security, arms control and non-proliferation, etc.; China will also impose related sanctions on those US companies which participate in the arms sales to Taiwan. "It will be unavoidable that cooperation between China and the U.S. over important international and regional issues will also inevitably be affected," China's Foreign Ministry said in an official protest to the U.S.

The U.S. government must have a clear and distinct understanding of the situation and revoke the erroneous decision on arms sale as soon as possible. The United States would further damage Sino-US relations and undermine the cause of world peace and pay for its evil doing eventually, provided it clings stubbornly to its cold war mentality to the neglect of China's core interests and major concerns.

By People's Daily Online and contributed by PD senior desk editor Wen Xian.
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