Getting ready for difficulties to achieve success

17:09, July 15, 2011      

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"The whole Party is confronted with growing danger of lack of drive, incompetence, separation from the people, lack of initiative and corruption," President Hu Jintao said during his speech on July 1. Meanwhile, Hu also stressed that the tests of governance capability, reform and opening up, market economy and an external environment are long-term, complex and severe. President Hu Jintao's speech awakened Party members and encouraged the whole Party to launch self-examination. Hu's speech also reminded the people about the seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1945.

Mao Zedong gave a speech on "getting ready for difficulties" during the congress more than 60 years ago, as the world neared its final victory in the war against fascism and the Chinese revolution was facing new material changes. "I see a bright future, but we also have to get ready for difficulties, such as curses from foreign countries and homeland, the loss of a few large bases, the loss of tens of thousands of troops, the explosion of the civil war, the pessimistic psychology and fatigue mood of Party members, economic difficulties, the absence of support from international proletariat for a long time and other unexpected situations," Mao said. He actually listed 17 difficulties that the Party might be facing.

Predicting the difficulties that may appear, "and preparing for them using various countermeasures" are the political wisdom left by Mao Zedong and other revolutionary predecessors of the same generation and also an inspiration gained by the Communist Party of China (CCP) during its 90-year glorious course.

In fact, since the day when the Party was founded, every step the Party took was difficult, and sometimes the Party was even at a critical juncture of life and death. But the Party members overcame all the difficulties and hardships and carved out their way in these adversities. Mao once said, "If we did not meet that bad thing, we would have not learned the skills to deal with it. Therefore, difficulties and hardships could make our cause thrive."

The 90-year history of the Party has proven it again and again that only when we have fully predicted the difficulties and taken everything into account could we always keep our minds clear, actively prepare for and deal with the difficulties and ultimately realize the great achievement that the whole world would admire.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Party has experienced various difficulties and setbacks when leading the people in building socialism. The difficulties and setbacks include the Western economic blockade shortly after the country gained independence, the Great Leap Forward, a serious economic crisis in the early 1960s and the catastrophic Cultural Revolution. The Party has already corrected its mistakes and managed to survive the difficult times on its own. Furthermore, it developed the unprecedented creative reform and opening-up policy, and has been uniting with and leading the people in building China into a modern socialist country with Chinese characteristics.

It is certain that as China's ruling party with more than 80 million members, the Communist Party of China will encounter more difficulties and challenges in the process of promoting the arduous modernization drive. However, the Party is never afraid of difficulties and challenges and will overcome them under all circumstances. "Our Party often encounters big or small problems, and we should not be afraid of them. We have strong will to overcome them. It is impossible to ‘drown’ the Party in the 'sea of China,'" said Mao Zedong in an oral report to the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of China.

History proves that being mindful of possible danger can bring success.

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