CPC urged to maintain political quality

13:50, July 07, 2011      

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"If all the comrades in the [Communist] Party [of China] care about the Party's future, fulfill their responsibility for its growth and promote Party building with greater vigor, our Party will effectively keep up with the trend of history, stand firm in the forefront of the times and advance social progress," Chinese President and Communist Party of China General Secretary Hu Jintao said in a keynote speech on July 1, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

He stressed again that "the key to properly managing China's affairs lies in the Party" and put forward four basic points in maintaining and developing its advanced nature as a Marxist political party. This is the latest elaboration on the Party’s vanguard nature theory and has provided a guideline for advancing the great Party-building project under a new situation.

The Party’s vanguard nature building is a vital issue concerning the survival and development of the Marxist political party. The Party should continue to emancipate the minds, seek truth from the facts, advance with the times and always maintain the motivation that enables it to forge ahead in a pioneering spirit, serve and rely on the people, and sincerely work for the interests of the people.

The Party must always maintain its close ties with the masses, appoint officials on their merits, attract as much talent as possible and maintain its vitality at all times as well as regulate itself and strictly discipline its members and keep its soundness.

The four "basic points" are not only a profound summary of the Party's 90 years of historical experience but also the key for the Party to maintain and develop its vanguard nature in the future. The Party can only always be at the forefront of the times and accomplish its historical missions as a vanguard of the Chinese nation and the times by adhering to the four basic points.

For a political party, it is not easy to find a scientific theory that accords with the law of historical development and the will of the people and use the theory to arm itself. It is even more important to insist on the law of development in practice and make the theory keep up with the times. In the past 90 years, depending on the solid ideological building and unremitting theoretical innovation and ceaselessly upgrading the Marxism to adapt it to the practical condition of China, the era and the people are the reasons why our Party could unite and lead the people to keep enriching the theoretical system of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, expanding the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, perfecting the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and making new progresses in the construction of socialist modernization.

The people are the fundamental power in creating the history, and realizing and safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people is the orientation and foothold of all the jobs of our Party. Without the tenet of "serving the people" and without the flesh-and-blood contact with the people, the "advanced nature" of the Party will be nothing but empty words.

The 90-year experience has proven constantly taking the people interests as the foundation, ceaselessly promoting the work-style construction of the Party, keeping the close contact with the people, and carrying forward the styles of always being true and practical, always working hard and perseveringly and always doing criticism and self-criticism are the only methods for our Party to gain the trust and supports of the people and overcome the various difficulties and challenges on the way.

Constant efforts for Party building are the guarantee of its vanguard nature. It is because of the Party’s firm adherence to the merit-based cadre selection principles over the past few decades that many talented people from across the country with both a high moral character and professional competence have joined the Party, and formed one energetic and passionate Party organizations after another. Both the quantity and quality of Party members have been increasing steadily, providing a solid foundation for developing the interests of the Party and the people.

“To run the state well, we must run the Party well first. To run the Party well, we must be strict with the Party members,” said former Chinese President Jiang Zemin. The Party has been following this important principle in improving its capabilities since it came to power. The times have changed after the revolution, development and reform, so the Party must adapt to maintain its vanguard nature.

The Party is facing various serious challenges from long-term governance, reform and opening-up, market economy, and internal and external environment, which makes it more arduous and urgent than ever to impose strict discipline on Party members. The Party should make unremitting efforts to combat corruption and promote clean and honest leadership, to strengthen its ability to resist corruption and risks, and to maintain the vanguard nature and purity of a Marxist party.

History proves that vanguard nature is not innate and will not be maintained once and for all. Looking back at the past, the Party should keep in mind previous experience and lessons. Looking into the future, it has no reason to be conceited and self-satisfied. All Party members should fulfill their share of responsibility, maintain their political integrity and make greater efforts to create a brighter future for the Chinese nation.

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