Reasons behind CPC's success in maintaining vanguard nature

08:27, July 06, 2011      

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As the world's largest political party with more than 80 million members, how will the 90-year-old Communist Party of China walk confidently into the future in the face of great achievements and severe challenges?

The answer is simple. The Party needs to maintain its vanguard nature, as General Secretary Hu Jintao said in his speech marking the Party's 90th birthday.

The vanguard nature is the Party's fundamental characteristic. The Party's constitution specifies that the Communist Party of China should be the vanguard of both the Chinese working class and the Chinese nation.

The vanguard nature is an excellent characteristic of the Party. Under the Party's leadership, the Chinese people have made numerous remarkable achievements in this ancient civilized country over the past 90 years. Meanwhile, the Party has made great efforts to turn the tide many times, which can prove its vanguard nature.

The vanguard nature is the fundamental basis of the people's support for the Party. All Party members should respect and protect the interests of the people, actively respond to their needs, and serve them wholeheartedly. Members must make sure that the aim and outcome of all the work of the Party is to realize, safeguard and expand the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people.

Although the Party has obtained great achievements, historical confirmation, the people's support and attracted world attention, it has warned itself that the vanguard nature is not unchangeable. Being a vanguard in the past does not mean being a vanguard at present, and being a vanguard at present does not mean being a vanguard forever. The Party should not allow flowers and applause to submerge public opinion, should not allow results and figures to cover existing problems, and should not allow achievements to paralysis the awareness of unexpected development. China can fulfill its duty of rejuvenating the Party only through constantly correcting the problems of the Party.

The vanguard nature comes from the Party's characteristic of relying on the people and the courage to be innovative and comes from the Party's characteristic of advancing wave upon wave and keeping pace with the times, and the courage to bear responsibility and face problems.

Facing profound changes in the international and domestic situation

The world is in the period of great development, great changes and great adjustments while China is in a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society and the crucial period of deepening the reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode. This is a period of strategic opportunities and a period of prominent contradictions.

Facing heavy task of maintaining stability of reform, development

China has created a miracle of economic growth for three consecutive decades. However, making a general survey of the history of the modern world economy, several countries achieved economic growth for 10 or 20 consecutive years or even 30 consecutive years, but no economy can achieve economic growth for 40 consecutive years in the contemporary era.

Facing the people's new expectation for a better life

Income growth and economic development as well as labor compensation growth and the labor productivity growth should all be synchronized. Social fairness and justice as well as certain individuals obtaining large fortunes should also be synchronized.

Facing new situation, new problems in building Party

It is more difficult for the Party to hold to its brief in the period after its taking power than in the period of revolution. The Party is faced with more serious dangers of being spiritually slack, the lack of capacity, isolation from the masses as well as passivity and corruption.

The Party has successively faced four types of challenges in exercising state power, reform and opening-up, the market economy and external environment. The Party has constantly warned itself that the longer it is in power, the reform and opening-up and development of the socialist market economy will be deeper, the changes in the domestic and external environment will be more complicated, and the Party maintaining and developing its vanguard nature and advancing and strengthening the building of its vanguard nature will become more important.

Why has the Party always guided the development of the times and taken the lead in China's social development and progress? The reasons lie in that it has always been able to make correct assessments on the situation, grasp general trends, adhere to the truth, withstand temptation and corruption, guard against risks, dare to change and innovate, change with the times and stay close to the masses, constantly improve the level of its scientific building and continuously step up the building of its vanguard nature.

By Ye Xiaowen, and the article is translated by People's Daily Online.

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