CPC urged to remember historical missions

13:30, July 05, 2011      

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The Party can only adhere to the future development direction by understanding the context of historical development.

"History and the people have chosen the Party, Marxism, the socialist path and the reform and opening up policy during the great course of China's social development and progress since modern times," Chinese President and Party General Secretary Hu Jintao said in a keynote speech at a grand gathering to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. He also expounded on three major events accomplished and advanced by the Party through closely relying on the Chinese people. The speech has comprehensively summarized the Party's extraordinary achievements as well as the struggles and exploration over the past 90 years.

The epoch-making event of the Party's founding 90 years ago enabled the Chinese people to embark on a bright path of pursuing ethnic independence and liberation of the people and initiate the great course of achieving strength and prosperity for the country and enriching the people. The Party completed the new-democratic revolution, won national independence and liberation of the people and ushered a new historical era for the Chinese nation's development and progress through bloody battles.

The Party completed the socialist revolution, established the basic socialist system and achieved the most widespread and profound transformation in China's history through arduous struggles. They also carried out a great new revolution of reform and opening-up, as well as created, upheld and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics and accomplished remarkable achievements in advancing the socialist modernization drive. The three major events in China's long-standing history are unprecedented in the history of human development.

The poor and weak Chinese nation was faced with both internal revolt and foreign invasion in the last century, but these three significant achievements saved the nation from its tragic fate and promoted its rapid development and great revival. The Chinese civilization, with over 5,000 years of uninterrupted history, has taken on an entirely new look, and is enjoying bright prospects for revival.

The three achievements and the Party's 90 years of glorious history can strengthen the belief that without the CPC, there would be no new China or socialism with Chinese characteristics. The three achievements, namely the Chinese revolution, development and reform, are the epitome of the Chinese people's long struggle for national independence, liberation and prosperity under the Party's leadership, and are also the epitome of the Party's unremitting efforts to integrate the basic principles of Marxism with China's specific conditions and the characteristics of the times and to look for a path of development suited to China's national conditions. It has been clearly proven in the past 90 years that the Communist Party of China's strong leadership is a crucial factor in uniting more than 1 billion Chinese people. Standing at a new starting point, the Chinese people must continue to firmly uphold the Party's leadership and adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics in order to promote the country's development in an all-around way.

The Party can more profoundly understand its consistent spiritual essence over the past 90 years by recalling these three major events. The Party firmly believes that the people are the real heroes and the inexhaustible force behind the creation of history.

From the establishment of a new China where common people are empowered to solving the problem of food and clothing for one-fifth of the world's population and becoming the world's second-largest economy, these achievements carry forward the Party's historic mission of uniting and leading the people to create a happy life in order to rejuvenate the Chinese nation. They also embody the political character and political advantages of a Marxist political party.

The Party's 90-year history has fully proven that it must adhere to development for the people and by the people, sincerely seek benefits for the people, absorb wisdom from the people and always maintain the flesh-and-blood ties with the people to lead the progress of the times during the development and changes and obtain the people's support to make the ship of socialism with Chinese characteristics go forward through the waves.

The Party is standing at the intersection of history and the future after 90 years of progress and a more magnificent journey is unfolding. The Party will forge ahead while unceasingly summarizing experience and maintain its vanguard nature while untiringly struggling for the future and will certainly live up to the historic mission and the trust of the people to write a more glorious history in the future.

By People's Daily Online
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