Always bear in mind the purpose of serving the people

09:59, July 05, 2011      

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July 1, 2011 was the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. A total of 17.5 million Party members, 86,000 basic-level Party organizations and 23 million Shanghai residents enthusiastically celebrated the Party's birthday together with the entire Party and the Chinese people on this jubilant day and expressed their faith of "following the leadership of the Party forever."

Shanghai, as the birthplace of the Communist Party of China and the starting point of the Red Chinese Revolution, witnessed the 90-year historic leap. The "epoch-making event" changed the destiny of the Chinese people and Chinese nation 90 years ago. Under the leadership of the Party, countless martyrs sprinkled their warm blood in Shanghai, which is regarded as the city of heroes, and countless Party members exerted their utmost efforts to selflessly devote themselves for the interests of the people and wrote the glory of Shanghai over the past 90 years.

From the humiliating memory of foreign settlements everywhere to its transformation into an amazing global city, Shanghai's changes are a lively practice of the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the Party. Shanghai's prosperity has also eloquently proven that in China, the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only way to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In retrospect, the Party's 90 years of extraordinary struggle has clearly proven that it is remarkably correct and significant for the Party to always hold to the tenet of serving the people wholeheartedly. The Party has always regarded the principle of working for the interests of the majority of people as the foundation for building the Party since its founding.

The Party's 90-year history is nine decades of persistent adherence to the principle of serving the people wholeheartedly as well as uniting and leading the masses in accomplishing achievements on the path of rejuvenating the Chinese nation. All of the Party's efforts have aimed to generate, safeguard and develop the basic interests of the people. All of the Party's achievements are attributed to the sincere embrace and strong support of the people.

The Party's history of struggle in Shanghai showcased the Party's wholehearted commitment to serving the people. The Party has won wide support of the masses and constantly advanced its cause by fearlessly fighting for the interests of the people, exploring correct development paths and approaches for the interests of the people as well as publicly acknowledging and correcting its shortcomings and mistakes.

Following 90 years of development and in a new historical situation for the socialist market economy, building a party for the people and by the people should remain a basic principle the Party must always keep in mind. The Party's mass line remains the basic line of its work related to the masses, and putting the people first is the essential core of the Scientific Outlook on Development that the Party, the principle to which the party now adheres.

The Party's tenet and its close ties with the masses must remain unchanged in any circumstance. The Party can only maintain the trust and support from the masses and make the development of its cause constantly dynamic by sincerely relying on the people and working for the interests of the people.

The best gift for the Party's birthday or the best comfort for the revolutionary martyrs is to firmly adhere to the tenet of the Party serving the people and resolutely insist on the faith of taking the socialist road with Chinese characteristics by actual deeds.

Adhering to the tenet and insisting on the faith means China must insist on the scientific and harmonious development. Currently, Shanghai is in a key development and transformation period and has many intertwined old and new contradictions and outstanding "dilemmatic" problems. Therefore, we must actively take "driving the transformation and development by innovation" as the inevitable way to realize Shanghai's fully coordinated social and economic development, and must make more efforts to take accelerating the social construction of improving the people's livelihoods as the priority among priorities.

The people-oriented scientific and harmonious development is the reflection of our Party's tenet and the reflection of the principle of "developing for the people, developing relying on the people, and making the people enjoy the fruits of the development," as well as a fundamental method for us to seize the precious development opportunity and ease off the outstanding contradictions in the new situation.

The key to properly managing China's affairs lies in the Party. The Communist Party of China, which has governed the country for 62 years, needs to strengthen Party building with the spirit of reform and innovation. The long-term governance has increased the Party's ability to serve the people as well as the risk of alienating itself from the masses.

In order to maintain its close ties with the masses, the Party should continue to combat internal corruption and to improve its ideology, ability to organize and working style. Whether the Party can advance with the times and constantly improve its ability to deal with various challenges is increasingly becoming a crucial factor in the future of Shanghai. The Party's leadership skills and governance capability should be constantly improved to better promote development and serve the people. The construction of "Party cells" should be strengthened, given that all Party members are confronted with the grim test of maintaining the Party's vanguard nature. Party members, especially leading cadres, should adhere to the Party's principles and contribute to the construction of an incorruptible, honest and sincere Party. In addition, strict Party discipline should be imposed to improve the working style of the Party, so it will win public trust.

The Party has a glorious history of struggle, and all members should be proud of the sacred tasks on their shoulders. Party members should unite around the Party’s Central Committee, led by General Secretary Hu Jintao, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents," thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development, free themselves from old ideas, do practical and solid work with great enthusiasm, and safeguard the interests of the Party and the masses. As a modernized socialist international metropolis with Chinese characteristics, Shanghai should make efforts to achieve the "four priority targets," and develop into an international economic, financial, trade and transportation center as soon as possible.

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