Communist Party must keep its strong ties to masses (4)

09:13, June 30, 2011      

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Under the leadership of the Party, remarkable development achievements have been made, and the people's lives have improved significantly. Since the 16th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee led by General Secretary Hu Jintao has introduced a series of people-oriented policies and measures in order to improve the people's livelihood and provide them with access to the fruit of social progress. T

hese policies and measures have brought great benefits to the people, improved the relations between the Party and the masses under new circumstances and increased the public support for the Party. Therefore, the Party has been able to effectively deal with various challenges, including the global financial crisis, and it has achieve one major breakthrough after another in the socialist modernization drive.

All this fully demonstrated that the Communist Party of China always keeps in mind the security and well-being of the people and takes concrete efforts to safeguard the people's interests. The Party is a mature Marxist ruling party that is good at mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the public.

Lessons from the Party's mass work over 90 years

The rich experience that the Party has gained from its close relations with the public and effective mass work over the past 90 years offers a series of important lessons to achieve the goals of social and economic development during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and continuously promotes the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Firmly establish a Marxist mass viewpoint and adhere to the Party's mass line. Practice has proven that when the Party has a strong mass viewpoint and can firmly adhere to the mass line, it can carry on the mass work well and establish sound relations with the public. Otherwise, problems concerning mass work and ties between the Party and the public may emerge.

Always support the standpoint of the overwhelming majority, and voluntarily prevent and overcome the bureaucracy and formalism above the people. Mass standpoint is a fundamental political issue concerning the Party's nature. By firmly supporting the mass standpoint, the Party can formulate correct line, principles and policies, and Party members and cadres can correctly view power, cause, the people and themselves in order to make concrete achievements that can withstand the test of practice, the people and the history.

Carry on mass work and go to the grassroots with deep feelings. The deep feelings towards the people are the basis for maintaining close ties with the masses, and the bond for carrying on mass work. Practice has proven that if Party members and cadres express real concerns for the people, the masses will be moved and will treat them as their relatives and people that they can trust most. Thus, the CPC can win the understanding, trust and support of the people and related problems can also be solved easily.

Party members must insist on the consistency of being responsible for both the Party and the people. They must rely on, educate and guide the people. Practices have proven that if Party members want to maintain a good relationship with the people and successfully carry out their work, they must insist on the consistency of being responsible for both the Party and the people. Comrade Liu Shaoqi once said, "If a Party member is responsible for the people, it means he is responsible for the Party. If a Party member is not responsible for the people, it means he is not responsible for the Party."

Regarding this issue, two tendencies must be prevented and overcome. The first one means emphasizing only being responsible for subordinates, fully disregarding the political lines, guidelines and policies of the Party, doing "you have your policies, I have my countermeasures to deal with them" and carrying out "regional and departmental protectionism." The second one means emphasizing only being responsible for upper authorities, disregarding practical conditions and interests of the people, never considering the people, totally ignoring the real desires and practical situations of the people, and even cheating, making false reports and boasting.

Party members should always do the mass work deeply, carefully and practically and keep improving mechanisms and methods of the mass work. Practices have proved that the method is very important while doing the mass work. In order to successfully accomplish the mass work in the current complex and ever-changing situation, it is especially important to adopt scientific ways and methods.

It must be seen that China is in the primary stage of socialism and will be in this stage for a long period. Since the economic system is deeply transforming, the social structure is deeply altering, the benefit structure is being deeply adjusted, ideas and concepts are deeply changing and the issues of unbalanced, inconsonant and unsustainable development will not be fundamentally solved in a short period, various contradictions and conflicts of interests among the people will frequently appear in large quantities. Under this condition, if our Party wants to obtain the people's acclamations and supports, it must regard correctly solving the contradictions among the people as the core of its mass work.

By Li Jingtian, executive vice president of the Party School under the CPC Central Committee, translated by People's Daily Online

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