Communist Party members defined by vanguard nature

08:28, June 28, 2011      

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The reason why CPC membership is a glorious honor is that it represents the Party's vanguard nature. The vanguard nature is a kind of unique and distinct logo for Party members, which makes them stand out from other groups. The reason why the Communist Party of China is able to make vigorous efforts to turn the situation in every crucial historical junctions, lead the people to launch revolution, construction and reform and write brilliant historical chapters over the past 90 years is that innumerable outstanding Party members practiced this vanguard nature.

Vanguard nature is a Party member's "ID" and marks their unswerving pursuit of "having what others do not have and being better than whom also have." What does this kind of vanguard nature mean to Party members amid enthusiastic practice?

Vanguard nature means close ties with the people. The Party regards the people as the parents feeding them, holds to the concept of "coming from the masses before coming to the masses" and has continued to deepen its ties with the people. Party members have always put the interests of the people above all and resolutely met challenges from the war against Japan to the Wenchuan earthquake and the Zhouqu landslide. The Party's achievements have repeatedly showed that a "vanguard nature" based on the disdain for the interests of the people will not work.

Vanguard nature means taking principles as the primary foundation. The principle is the "lifeline" of the vanguard nature, and to guarantee it, Party members need to have a steel will and good morals, such as "never being petty, jealousy, complaining and disaffected." Meanwhile, the principle is also a "fragile thing," and will completely collapse if you lose your mind even a little bit. In fact, in as early as the Anti-Japan War period, the Communist Party had established standard principles for its members, such as "never take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses."

However, nowadays, a few Party members, who are trapped by affection, confused by wealth or captured by power, have broken their basic principles. They throw away their duties again and again and are walking farther and farther away from the vanguard nature. It must raise our attention. If the Party members want to maintain their vanguard nature forever, they must clearly clean up and resolutely stick to their principles.

Vanguard nature means being the same outside and inside. The vanguard nature of Party members does not mean putting on false airs. Rather, it means the overflowing of their true colors. Instead of seeking the limelight, it means the sincere feeling of doing things for people unselfishly.

Vanguard nature means always fighting to be the best. Only fighting could gain and maintain the vanguard nature. In the situations of the new era, we still need to emphasize that an organization is a fortress and a Party member is a flag. As long as you are a Party member, you should dare show your true heart, find your right place, always be fueled under pressure, never be arrogant or frustrated, overcome all the difficulties on the way and march forward bravely.

The 90-year road of wind and rain has told us that as long as the Party members pass the tests by the masses and overcome the challenges of the new era, they will become tougher and stronger and their special "ID" of vanguard nature will be brighter.

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