What makes CPC-led multi-party cooperation a success?

13:17, June 27, 2011      

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Multi-party cooperation led by the ruling Communist Party of China has clearly distinguished China's political party system from various other political party systems in the world.

Under the leadership of the Party, the Chinese people have united and achieved national independence, and have made remarkable achievements in many fields through reforms over the past 90 years. One of the most remarkable achievements is the multi-party cooperation system led by the Communist Party of China.

The Party cooperates with and exercises leadership over eight political parties in China. The Communist Party of China is the ruling party, and the eight political parties participate in the government decision-making process under its leadership. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the eight political parties have actively participated in handling state affairs and have made great contributions to China's economic growth, democratic development, social harmony and stability and national reunification.

Furthermore, the eight parties can exercise democratic supervision over the Communist Party of China in the form and criticism and suggestions to help correct the Party’s mistakes, to enhance the multi-party cooperation system and to consolidate the leadership position of the Party.

The fundamental reason of the sound development of the multi-party cooperation in China is the good leadership of the Communist Party.

This is because the establishment of the Party's leadership is decided by the inevitable requirements of the development of Chinese history and the Party's own nature. In China, there must be a unified leading core to realize the fundamental interests of the people. Otherwise, it will be difficult to gather the forces of various classes, various stratums, various parties and various groups together. The consistency of the people's fundamental interests is intensively reflected in the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

This is because admitting and accepting the leadership of the Party is the voluntary choice of various political parties. Various political parties in China began cooperation with the Party as early as the democratic revolution period. They saw hope in the Communist Party through a long struggle of experience and repeated comparisons. Therefore, they voluntarily chose to accept the leadership of the Party to stand together regardless of situation and formed the "sincere treatment of each other and the sharing of weal and woe" relationship based on their common political basis.

The multi-party cooperation under the leadership of the Communist Party is a sound system that fully manifests the essential requirements of the socialist democracy and politics. Implementing this system will help the government to secure opinions from various political parties and give play to the roles of both the Communist Party’s leadership and other political parties’ participation in and discussion of state affairs; help to broaden the channels for the people to express opinions so as to not only value the common will of the majority of people but also respond to rational requirements of the minority of people; and help to promote democracy under the precondition of maintaining solidarity and stability, and consolidate and develop a united and stable political situation during the process of promoting democracy.

The Communist Party has drawn particular attention to the implementation of the united front policy and the interests of its allies during the process of its cooperation with various political parties. Various political parties in China not only participate in the exercise of state power, consultation on major state polices, the administration of state affairs as well as the implementation and execution of state policies, laws and regulations but also enjoy organizational independence, independent operation and an equal political status and can express their demands according to the law, provided that they support the leadership of the Communist Party.

The multi-party cooperation under the leadership of the CPC will start a new chapter along with the development of the times.

The author, Xiu Xuguang, is a cadre at the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the executive director at the China Institute of Theory under the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
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