What can we learn from 'What History Tells?'

14:50, June 07, 2011      

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Widely praised by readers, "What History Tells: the Success of the Communist Party of China" (《历史的轨迹:中国共产党为什么能》) has sold 200,000 copies since its publication over a month ago. The book interprets the Communist Party of China's success from 13 points of view and is very enlightening.

As the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China is drawing near, the question of how the Party achieved remarkable success has become even more meaningful. It has been clearly proven that the people's support is the key contributor to the Party's miraculous achievements over the past 90 years.

China suffered serious internal revolt and foreign invasion at the beginning of modern times, and countless patriots struggled to save the nation. In such a context, the Communist Party of China, guided by Marxism, started its efforts to restore national independence and to liberate the country. The Party has always put the interests of the nation and people before everything else over the past 90 years, and has spared no efforts to lead the country through ups and downs.

The Communist Party of China has won the people's support, love, and trust by serving them wholeheartedly. Serving the people wholeheartedly is the starting point and objective of all the Party's work. The Party was established to protect the interests of the people and should always keep in mind that the masses are the source of its strength.

The Party can draw on the strength given by the masses and make great achievements only if it adheres to the Party's mass line put forward during the age of revolutionary wars and the period of construction and reform. Otherwise, the Party will waver off course and be frustrated. The Communist Party of China led the Chinese nation down a very extraordinary road of renewal over the past 90 years and its ability was derived from the support of the people.

The support of the people comes from trust. The Party left many immortal monuments one after another in people's hearts over 90 memorable years. Those familiar names and magnificent stories recounted legends that moved millions of Chinese people. Over the past 90 years, generation after generation of CPC members spared no efforts to fight for the interests of the people, and the people also closely followed the Communist Part of China to fight for sovereignty, establish the country and make great achievements under the leadership of the Party. As a result, China has transformed from a country of poverty and blankness to an industrialized country and also implemented the reform and opening up policy, and developed the socialist market economy. The Party and the people together experienced tribulations and share weal and woe with true feelings. Songs of praise that are being sung all over the country express the people's trust and love towards the Party.

The relationship between the Party and the people is just like "fish" and the "water." The Communist Party of China was born and grew up among the people. The people nurtured the Party and always supported the Party. Seeking benefits for the people is the meaning of the Party's work and the foundation of the Party obtaining vitality and eternal youth. The Party members and cadres must always keep in mind the purpose of the Party and the people's great trust to bear the responsibility of serving the people to make great achievements and seek benefits and happiness for the people.

By People's Daily Online and its author is Zhou Yunlong
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