Cooperation gives rise to quiescence of China's peaceful development

15:51, March 08, 2011      

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Premier Wen Jiabao cited the word "cooperation" for many times when elaborating China's foreign policy in his government work report delivered on March 5 at the ongoing 4th Plenum of the 11th National People's Congress. Why did he seek to underscore cooperation so often? It is because the word "cooperation" represents China's inevitable pursuance in adhering to the peaceful development and also a key issue for a big developing nation like China to attain its global recognition.

In the course of its peaceful development, China has become ever stronger and its people's livelihood has made significant improvements, and the world has also reaped rich "dividends". All this has been obtained under the mechanisms of increasing bilateral, multilateral and international cooperation. So, cooperation is helpful or accountable for China's own development, for the development of other countries and also for the development of the entire world. So, cooperation is the objective and it also likewise represents the foundation.

In its over 30 years of reform and opening up, China has been expanding its cooperation with other countries to open to the outside world unceasingly. The cooperation has enabled the world to benefit and also many foreign invested enterprises and consumers to profit. China is both a beneficiary of its cooperation and exchanges with the outside world and it is fully aware of the significance of cooperation; China is likewise the vindicator and promoter of cooperation.

As far as China is concerned, the content of cooperation has kept enriching and expanding in the practice and the forms of cooperation have turned diversified. Formerly, we mainly introduced foreign capital into China and capitalized on development opportunities. From now on, Chinese funds will flow overseas enormously to help create joint development opportunities. This also poses a new stage for Chinese funds and foreign capital to interact, with a pivotal role to play in a mutual impact between China and the rest of the world.

China has become the world's second largest economy and a major driver of global growth as well. China will still retain a rapid economic growth rate in the years ahead, and it will definitely play a more crucial role globally. But this would only be based on the mutual cooperation and win-win progress for China and other countries around the world.

Some countries have generalized anxiety, constant worries and even greater confusions on the rapid rise of China's national strength and influences, and it is very normal to have such suspicions. Developing into a major global power through peace constitutes a great practice for China's rise, but some contradictions and prejudices amassed or accumulated in history will not fade away or vanish gradually anyway.

To resolve these problems and disparities, the most important way is to deepen cooperation and attain mutual benefit and win-win outcome. China's peaceful development is not a slogan but a sole concrete practice. In the course of applying the in-depth cooperation, China will definitely win more approvals or recognition, and reduce conflicts and frictions more efficiently and effectively.

Cooperation is not meant to discard China's core interests and on the contrary, cooperation is exactly the best way to safeguard its core interests. This is because only through cooperation, countries can come to understand and recognize fully the core interests of the opposite side and, then it is possible to reduce the misjudgments or misconceptions, and to find out the right solution to problems.

When China has taken on global or regional obligations and "goes out" to expand its power for cooperation, we need all the more to consider its future global role from the perspective of cooperation and win-win results; stronger China's national strength, greater is the country's need to heighten the nationals' awareness or consciousness for cooperation.

As a matter of course, we are not alms-givers and cannot be alms givers either. However, we are willing to provide impetuses or a motive force to the peaceful development of the world by spurring cooperation, and we are also ready to provide more public products to the rest of the world for its peaceful development through cooperation.

After all, cooperation is a general trend for the peaceful development of the world. Cooperation and win-win progress constitute a strong common anticipation of the world for China and also the mission the Chinese nation is committed to the global peaceful development.

By People's Daily Online and contributed by PD desk editor Ding Gang
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