President Hu elaborates the theory of harmonious world

13:49, November 26, 2009      

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Striving for peace, promoting development and seeking cooperation have become irresistible historic trends. The international community should build a harmonious society featuring sustainable peace and common prosperity.

Under the background of multi-polarization and economic globalization, all nations are striving for fast development. Peace, cooperation and development constitute the trends of our times, and push human beings to develop and progress at an unprecedented speed. Being aware of these historic trends, Hu Jintao points out that "all nations attach great importance to dialogue and cooperation, as well as disputes settling through negotiations in spite of the regional unrests and conflicts from time to time."

"Although power politics still exist and the democratization of international relations hasn't been achieved, dialogue, communication and living with each other in peace and harmony have already been the main stay of international relations. Mutual respect and equal treatment among nations have been the important consensus of the international community."

"Although global development is unbalanced, and poverty and hungry are still wreaking havoc in many countries, the international society has already worked out the goal of alleviating poverty and promoting development, and the enhancement of cooperation and communal development has become the universal choice among various countries day by day."

His conclusion is "even though our world has different contradiction and conflicts, and there are an increasing number of factors concerning instability and uncertainty, peace and development remain the themes of the present era. The world needs peace, the people want cooperation and nations long for development. These are the irresistible trends of our times."

Facing the complex world, we should pay more attention to harmony, emphasize harmony and promote harmony.

Hu Jintao believes, "the historic trend of peace, development and cooperation provides an unprecedented opportunity for the realization of peaceful and harmonious coexistence among various countries and people, and there is objective possibility to construct a harmonious world." While facing both opportunity and challenge, "to construct a harmonious world with lasting peace and universal prosperity conforms to the common blessing of world people", which is the necessary way to realize global security, stability and prosperity, as well as "the inevitable request of human society development".

On May 28, 2003, Hu Jintao delivered a speech in Moscow Institute of International Relations during his visit to Russia. He pointed out that "in order to achieve lasting peace and universal prosperity, the international community should cooperate fully with unremitting efforts, so as to build a harmonious world. It was the first time President Hu put forward the strategic proposition on building a harmonious world. Hereafter, Hu Jintao has gradually improved this significant strategic concept based on theory and practice of the time.

Constructing a harmonious world is reflected in various aspects, such as politics, economy, culture, security, environmental protection and so on.

Politically, all countries should respect each other and conduct consultations on an equal footing in a common endeavor to promote democracy in international relations;

Economically, they should cooperate with each other, draw on each other's strengths and work together to advance economic globalization in the direction of balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress;

Culturally, they should learn from each other in the spirit of seeking common ground while shelving differences, respect the diversity of the world, and make joint efforts to advance human civilization;

In the area of security, they should trust each other, strengthen cooperation, settle international disputes by peaceful means rather than by war and work together to safeguard peace and stability in the world;

On environmental issues, they should assist and cooperate with each other in conservation efforts to take good care of the earth, the only home for human beings.

To build the theory of a harmonious world, we should hold the historic opportunity of peace, development and cooperation, and take the lofty mission "to accord with the trend of our times and aspirations of our people, properly tackling all contradictions and challenges, contributing to a peaceful world, and creating prosperity for various countries, compelling our human society to step forward."

This is the inheritance and promotion of man's traditional harmonious thought, as well as the epoch-making development of the international strategic theory of contemporary Chinese Marxism. Overall, the thought of building a harmonious world is the core connotation of Hu Jintao's view.

By People's Daily Online
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