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11:03, September 22, 2009      

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In the past 60 years since the News China was founded in 1949, the country's administrative supervision organizations have carried out work in the interests of the overall situation of the country on law enforcement, public integrity and governance efficiency earnestly, which contributes significantly to the building of an honest and clean government.

The Ministry of Supervision, a department under the State Council, is in charge of the national administration and supervision work, and has always been a focal point of the society. Ma Wen, the first female Minister of Supervision since the ministry was resumed in1987, was extremely noticeable.

Where does the central investment flow, where does the supervision work follow up

In order to fight against the international financial crisis, the central government set up a series of measures. The central investment schemes started from the second half last year has been implemented in succession. Its third and fourth batches of investment fund have been basically allocated to local regions. In this process, the Ministry of Supervision changes its usual way of supervision that just supervises according to the result, and has worked with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Finance, National Audit Office, etc, to check the use of the billions of investment funds from the very beginning and every follow-up process on a dynamic basis.

What makes Ma Wen gratified is the way of supervision, which has played a vital role in accelerating the working efficiency of various departments at different levels and in different regions, enhancing the supervision of investment projects and their capital use, as well as ensuring the effectiveness of orders issued by the central government.

Ma noted that the Ministry of Supervision worked with the departments concerned to focus on 5 aspects: The first is to establish a perfect monitoring and supervision system in various departments and at local areas, and a hierarchical working mechanism should be established which could transfer pressure from above to ensure the fulfillment of responsibilities at each managerial tier.

Secondly is to set up the system rules and discipline requirements which enhance the supervision and management of the newly increased central investment.

Third is to set up 24 central inspection teams, which have carried on two rounds of supervision in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The supervision found and corrected the problems timely.

Fourth is to promptly notify the public of the arrangement of the new central investment, as well as the implementation and supervision of the project, so as to respond to public concerns.

Fifth is to keep the discipline strictly, and investigate a number of illegal cases which violated regulations.

To earn people's trust, based on achievements in investigation

In Ma’s eyes, the administrative supervision work serves like an "anti-virus software" for government system. On one hand, it needs to set up the "Fire wall" to prevent the infection and spread of the virus. On the other hand, it has to start "Anti-Virus Process" to find the infectious units, clean up those units which cannot be restored, so as to maintain healthy operation of the whole system.

With 18-year experience in supervision work, Ma has clearly realized that there are loopholes in the government system, due to the fact that China is at the initial stage of developing socialist economy and there are flaws in many systems and mechanisms operating in the market.

Ma said that many new characteristics have shown up in illegal cases at present, in terms of the illegal activity and their nature, people involved as well as changing way of committing crimes.

The first is the increase of joint crime cases, related crime cases and crime behind crime cases. Also, there have been more cases of government officials seeking illegal benefits for a certain group of his followers, and more cases involving business bribery.

The second change is that there are always corruption cases behind serious accident involving serious consequences. Also, the problem of encroaching upon the public interests of farming land and environment protection turns to be prominent.

Thirdly, the criminals' crime methods became more covert.

In view of these questions, Ma stressed that the Ministry of Supervision must regard anti-corruption drive as top priority and step up efforts in crime investigation.

Advance system innovation, and prevent the corruption from its root

In September 2007, the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention was established, with Ma appointed as Bureau Chief. It is a major step China has taken to deepen anti-corruption drive and it serves as an inevitable requirement for anti-corruption campaign to develop further and deeper.

This year, the Ministry of Supervision organized and coordinated with various departments of the State Council to sort out and adjust nearly 90 administrative procedures for examination and approval, and it cleaned up and audited nearly 2000 such procedures.

On May 12, 2008, a strong earthquake jolted Wenchuan County, southwest China's Sichuan Province. The Ministry of Supervision must promptly supervise the use of relief fund and materials. This is a huge challenge for Ma since she took office because the supervision work is concerned with large areas, huge amount of money and numerous projects. She visited the quake-hit areas and construction sites four times to inspect quake relief work.

Ma said the Ministry of Supervision sent out seven special inspection teams in succession to carry out supervision work in different disaster-hit areas.

Ma was deeply moved by the spirit of perseverance and tenacity of cadres and the general public in disaster areas. She thought that, as the Minister of Supervision, her most important task is to do a good job in the inspection work during the earthquake relief campaign and post-quake reconstruction. What concerned Ma most was the illegal and violation cases reported during the use and management of disaster relief funds. But, by now, it is generally well.

When talking about the future work, Ma said supervisory institutions at various levels should thoroughly apply scientific outlook on development, and thoroughly carry out the supervisions on law enforcement, public integrity and governance efficiency, so as to provide a guarantee for the implementation of all kinds of policy and measures, and make contribution to the establishment of a service-oriented, responsible, law-ruled and clean government.

By People's Daily Online
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