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What issue is "Tibet issue"?
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17:00, April 16, 2008

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Dalai Lama clique has made repeated appeals and statements to impose pressure or punitive measues upon China, and Nancy Pelosi of the United States and others of her ilk also kept up noises and uproars. Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, and the European Parliament (EP) have passed resolutions on Tibet one after another. So the so-called "Tibet issue" has become increasingly fashionable.

So, people cannot but ask what issue is actually the "Tibet issue"?

To answer this question, people'd better ask Ms. Pelosi first. In her view, the Tibet issue has originated from the suppression of the Chinese government in Tibet. So, if she and her peers do not interfere in the "Tibet issue", she said with anxieties, "we have lost all more authority to speak on behalf of human rights."

Of course, we might as well see the appeals and statements of the Dalai clique, and the "Tibet issue" it is here being referred to includes "the lack of freedom in religious belief" and the so-called "ethnic inequalities".

Then, what is the "human rights issue" of the "Tibet question"? We first of all cite an example of the recent Lhasa riots. Faced with such violent actions as beating, smashing, looting and arson in Lhasa and other ethnic Tibetan areas since March 14, how can the government sit idle, and who will then come over to protect the human rights of innocent civilians? If the government's settlement of this incident is meant to encroach upon the human rights, Ms. Pelosi should better ask herself about the Los Angeles civil unrest happened right before her eyes 16 years ago, in which the US government aroused much military and police power and arrested more than 100,000 people.

The riots of 1992 in Los Angeles stunned the entire U.S. with its resultant 53 deaths, 2,325 injuries and an immense loss of property damage.

As for the Dalai Clique, people will never forget that Tibet was still under the semi-feudal serfdom till the first half of the 20th century, which was much darker and more sinister and vicious than the days under the "integration of the state and religion" in the Middle Age Europe. The ecclesiastical and secular serf owners, though accounting to less than five percent of the population of Tibet, controlled the personal freedom of serfs and slaves, who then made up 95 percent of the Tibetan population. These wretched of the earth could have their hands and feet chopped off, eyes gouged out, tongues cut or be subjected to other tortures and fatal penalties; and so they could hardly have a guaranteed right for survival under serfdom.

Afterward, it is ascribed to the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951 and the ensuing democratic reform in 1959 in the region that let serfs of old Tibet to gain their dignity and human rights.
Tibet's total population has increased from 1.14 million in 1951 to more than 2.8 million today; compulsory education, medical services and a minimum living allowance system have covered the whole of the Tibetan autonomous region. With such a historical background and present reality, how the Dalai clique, the chieftains of serfdom in old Tibet, are qualified to talk excessively and glibly about the "human rights" issue of Tibet?

The "Tibet issue" is also not a "religious issue". If Tibet is lacking the "freedom in religious belief', then how can people explain scenes of Lamaseries across the region crowded with believers or worshippers of varied ages to burn incenses, thousands upon thousands of Tibetans make pilgrimages to Lhasa, and suspending sutra streamers and Mani stone mounds put up by devout believers can be seen everywhere in Tibet?

It is even more absurd for the Dalai clique to clamor the so-called "ethnic inequalities". Let alone huge state appropriations made for developing traditional Tibetan medical science and Tibetan medicine, China has input more than 700 million yuan (about 100 million US dollars) to overhaul the imposing Potala Palace in Lhasa over recent years and to overhaul, rescue-repair and preserve traditional Tibetan culture.

Thanks to increased allocations from the central government, the Tibetans are the first among ethnic minority groups in China to have an international standard language, so that the Tibetan is currently an ethnic miority language with a permit to enter global information super highway networks.

In fact, it is crystal clear what the exact issue of the "Tibet issue" is. Dalai clique tries to seek "Tibet independence" under the signboard of varied "issues" -- This can seen from the "middle way" solution he has kept to, from their negation of the existing political system in Tibet, from their attempt to create the "Greater Tibet' that had been non-existent in history, and from their request urging other ethnicities to move out of Tibet and for the pullout of troops from the "Greater Tibet".

In the final analysis, the "Tibet issue" is not at all a "human rights issue", a religious issue, or an ethnical issue, but an issue concerning China's state sovereignty and territorial integrity, and an issue of core interests for the Chinese nation. Not a single nation on earth can tolerate to see its sovereignty sustain losses or sit idle to see its territory being seceded. On this issue, the Chinese government has made it very clear that the unity of the Chinese nation is the supreme, overriding principle, and there is no room whatsoever for any bargain on the issue of sovereignty. So any scheme to encroach upon China's sovereignty and meddle in China's internal affairs on the Tibet issue is only futile under whatever banner is hoisted.

By People's Daily Online and its author is He Zhenhua

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