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Think thrice when the dust is settled
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16:53, April 15, 2008

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Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibetan autonomous region, has turned its serene, peaceful and tranquil again, and the towering snowy mountains around remain holy and pure after dark clouds have dispersed. Away from noises and uproars, people should better think thrice.

The first is to mull over whom does the scheme to boycott the Olympics want to embarrass? The Dalai Lama clique cited Beijing's 2008 Olympic as the last chance for Tibetans to realize their goal; it masterminded, premeditated and incited such riots as beating, smashing, looting and arson in Lhasa and other ethnic Tibetan areas since March 14; and all sinister forces have emerged to clamor for the boycott of the Olympics; and some even tried to snatch the holy Olympic fire along the path of torch relay.

In so doing, do they realize that they are boycotting the national endeavor to turn China stronger and charge ahead more courageously, and that they are hurting the dignity and feelings of 1.3 billion Chinese; and resisting the Olympic spirit of peace, merging, unity and friendship recognized unanimously by more than 6 billion people on earth? The Chinese nation sincerely hopes to make friends with other nations through hosting the Olympic Games. By the hosting of this Olympics, whom does China exactly provoke? Any people with an intuitive and a sense of love are convinced that the 1.3 billion Chinese are smiling to the world, which is also smiling back to China.

The second is to mull over whom the bid to incite violence embarrass? Violence and its extreme form, terrorism, pose a scourge for the humanity. The reason that they host the banner of a given nation or a given religion is because there are usually two integrations involved, namely, the integration of the narrow-minded nationalism with the extremism of a religion, and the integration of a blind faith in divinity and a blind faith for an individual idol. And it is hard for a monster born of these two integrations to contain the extremism in ideology and violence in action, and its malignant spread is terrorism precisely to endanger and harm the innocent civilians mercilessly and on an unscrupulous scale.

Decades ago, the United States, out of its own political needs, backed up and indulged some violent organizations in the Middle-East and eventually brought a genetic freak and fell to victim itself. Tibet independence which the Dalai clique actually stands for and instigates, has already been alive with a tendency for these two "integrations", and TYC has turned violent with a terrorist tendency. One TYC chieftain has openly claimed not to rule out plans for suicide bomb attacks to seek Tibetan independence. If this tendency is let to develop without being checked or stopped, a group of terrorists will come to the fore under the banner of Tibetan independence, and they will bring untold sufferings not only to China but to the Western world as well.

The third is to mull over the Chinese saying that "Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you." Some Western countries have experienced bitterly by riding themselves of the dark rule of the "integration of the state and religion" of the Middle Ages and marching to the modern nations. The Dalai Lama, or the Grand Lama, was the supreme pontiff of serfdom or the Lamaistic hierarchy half a century ago. To date, Tibet is still designated in the charter of the "Tibetan government in exile" as an "independent state" with the integration of religion with politics. Tibet today, after being freed from the yoke of serfdom, has been advancing with giant strides toward a modern Tibet. Local economy is developing rapidly with a sizeable rise in the living standards of locals and the average lifespan for Tibetans rising from 35.5 years in the mid-20th century to 67 years today.

Meanwhile, the Tibetan language and culture have received help and protection from the central and local governments. At present, Tibet Buddhism has more than 3,700 lamaseries or Buddhist temples with a total of about 120,000 Lamas and nuns, and some big lamaseries have several thousand monks each. Such a flourishing scene is attributed to the policy of freedom in religious belief. The Dalai clique, however, turns a blind eye to the modernization process in Tibet in a vain attempt to restore serfdom and even smeared the construction of the gigantic Qinghai-Tibet railway.

Moreover, the Dalai clique viciously slanders the selfless aid of other ethnic groups to Tibet and tried to drive a wedge between Tibetans and people of other ethnicities in China. Do these West nations have come to see these are actions of "turning the clock back"? How can the abyss of serfdom repeat itself and the dark rule from the integration of the state and region be allowed to recur again?

Buddhism has all along emphasizes the "awakening to truth" and the ability for ponderation. Think thrice when the dust is settled and forever keep in mind the admonishment of Zongkapa, the tour of the first Dalai Lama not out for killing (lives) and evaluate and treasure all living creatures.

By People's Daily Online and its author is Ye Xiaowen, a PD specially-invited guest commentator and vice-president of the China Association for the Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture (CAPDTC)

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