Riots in Lhasa
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Do you really care for human rights in Tibet?
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08:10, March 26, 2008

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· Riots in Lhasa
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A few Westerners often incline to pass themselves off as leaders of the "moral authority" but, as a matter of fact, they have harbored a very deep prejudice in their intrinsic sub-consciousness. It seems that it is only up to them to judge if things on earth are correct or incorrect, right or wrong.

In the wake of recent grave violence in Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibet autonomous region, and some other ethnic Tibetan areas with hallmarks of beating, smashing, looting and setting fire to properties, a leading US official has gone to see the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India. She claimed that she will work to safeguard "moral authority" and ask the international community to impose punitive measures upon China. Furthermore, she asserted that she will send a team of independent investigators to China to look into the relevant charges. Like charges against China's so-called human rights issue, some Western figures also use a double standard to term the riots in Tibet as "peaceful protests", with some of them even framing up the so-called "crackdown" charges against the Chinese government.

If they really concern themselves with the Tibetan people and the development of Tibet, these Western personages should first of all be acquainted with the true situation there instead of placing themselves in a "commanding moral height" to gesticulate profusely in a haste.

In fact, it is not so hard to get to know the true situation in Tibet. Some Western media have done relatively objective reportages of recent riots in Tibet. For instance, the "Toronto Star" of Canada has carried lengthy stories about detailed accounts given by Canadian tourists who had been in Lhasa on atrocities committed by rioters in Lhasa, Tibet. A 19-year-old tourist, Kenwood, personally witnessed how rioters had assaulted a young motorbike rider and beat him to death.

Moreover, the British "Times" newspaper in an article of March 19 reported that tourists who had left Tibet still frightened and worried with riots and particularly with the scene of a horde of "yelling" thugs who pelted passing-by pedestrians with rocks.

Do certain Westerner figures really want to safeguard the human rights and ethics? May we ask a democratic nation under the rule of law on earth can tolerate the violence of killing the innocent people in broad daylight, or refers to the beating, smashing, looting and setting fire to properties as the "peaceful protests"?

Evidences prove this was organized, premeditated, masterminded by incited by the Dalai clique and it was created under the collusion of Tibet independence separatists forces inside and outside the border. Riots are after all riots and, on no account can they be prettified or whitewashed as "peaceful protests" as embellished by some Western figures.

Tibet's stability is closely related to the stability of China, and the human rights for the Tibetans constitutes a component part of China's overall human rights issue. Provided rioters are let to succeed with their scheme, there would be neither stability and nor human rights for the Tibetan people, and it means simply a sabotage of China's human rights. With the back-up to such riots as beating, smashing and looting, there will be absolutely "no moral authority" to talk about and it just means an opposition to the 1.3 billion people in China.

For a long period of time, certain Western figures have posed themseles off to concern themselves with the development and human rights issues in Tibet, and they often offer views with regard to the Tibetan culture and environment. They, nevertheless, turn a blind eye to schools, hospitals and railways built by the central Government for Tibetans and other measures it has taken to help Tibetans with their economic development. Meanwhile, they also assert such measures as a "sabotage" to the Tibetan culture.

The recent riots in Tibet once again disclose that what they care for is nothing but their political concept, that is, how to use their concept to smear or vilify China's development and, as for the interest of Tibetans, it merely serves as a tool to achieve their political aim. In so doing, they have, as a matter of course, enabled us to see what is in their mind, and also taught us what is meant by "objectivity and fairness" Western media has often preached as well as the hypocritic feature of the so-called moral authority.

By People's Daily Online and its author is Ding Gang, an ace PD desk editor

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