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Carry on an in-depth study of Sinification of Marxism
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It constitutes a major topic of vital importance for the Project of Studying and Building Marxist theory to intensify an ongoing study endeavor to sinify Marxism. The study of this issue has proceeded in an in-depth way and scored new progress and new outcome over recent years.

Main contents and basic issues

The deepening of study on the sinification of Marxism includes at least contents of three principal aspects: First, what "Marxism" means in the sinification of Marxism? Second, how to interpret the term "sinify" in the sinification of Marxism? Third, what is the relationship between the sinification of Marxism and the theoretical setup innovation? In other words, it is essential to give a clear-cut definition to Marxism itself, a precise explanation to connotations of the "sinification" as well as to the relations between the sinification of Marxism and the theoretical setup innovation.

In deepening the effort to study the sinification of Marxism, a range of cardinal, fundamental issues have to be made clear. What unique things have been wrought by the sinification of Marxism, how these things have come to the fore, and how they have been tested and verified in the course of Chinese revolution, construction and reform?

Moreover, probes or analyses are needed to find out what ideas have developed Marxism in accordance with China's specific national conditions and led the nation's revolution, construction and reform to great victories, and what ideas conform neither to China's national conditions nor to the cardinal tenets of Marxism and inflicted losses upon the country's revolution, construction and reform? And how the Communist Party of China (CPC) has overcome faults and embarked on or re-taken creatively the road of sinifying Marxism.

At present, a focus of attention in the study of the sinification of Marxism is aimed precisely to answer in a deep-going way practical issues of vital importance the sinification of Marxism is concerned with and the orientation for the sinification to pursue and follow in making new theoretical leaps or breakthroughs.

To be specific, three major themes are covered, namely, making an in-depth study of new advances and new trends of the sinification of Marxism in the overall current of peace, development and cooperation, and economic globalization in the contemporary era, of the sinification of Marxism under the conditions of industrialization, urbanization and internationalization, and of the sinification of Marxism under the prerequisite of the response of CPC, as the ruling Party in China, to new challenges and trials.

Characteristics of researches, spheres for in-depth study

In recent years, Marxist theorists have in the main reached consensus or unanimity on such issues as those concerning the main historical periods, chief representatives, major theoretical outcome, experience and lessons in the sinification of Marxism. At the same time, some new hallmarks have emerged. For instance, attention has been paid to shedding light on connotations of the sinification of Marxism from diverse angles or points of view, an increased cognition of the sinification of Marxism and an extended scope of study on the basic process and main experience in this domain. The vista of latest researches has shown the historical process and basic experience in a still more comprehensive, systematic way. On the other hand, numerous issues and spheres remain to be further clarified or delved into in the course of study.

First, it is crucial to beef up an overall study of the historical process of the sinification of Marxism. The overall, all-round study series have not taken shape in the current researches done in this regard. With the exception for a relatively detailed study of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong, the founder of both CPC and new China, researches are rather insufficient regarding the ideologies and viewpoints of CPC leaders in the different revolutionary periods on the subject of the sinification of Marxism.

Second, it is crucial to deepen a multi-directional research of the process of sinification of Marxism and to take Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Three Represents" Important Thought as the main clue in studying the sinification of Marxism, Meanwhile, it is also imperative to conduct a multi-directional study in this regard.

Third, it is crucial to extend the international vista of the sinification of Marxism. When discussing the process of sinifying Marxism, due importance should also be attached to the international environment, in which China was then situated, as well as the effect of such environment on the sinification of Marxism, instead of merely focusing on the integration of Marxism with the country's specific national conditions.

Fourth, it is crucial to strengthen or step up the study of relationships between the sinification of Marxism and traditional Chinese culture. An important aspect concerning the integration of fundamental tenets of Marxism with China's national conditions represents the integration of Marxist tenets with the traditional Chinese culture and,

Fifth, it is crucial to enhance the study of the relationship between the sinification of Marxism and the modernization of China. The process of the sinification of Marxism in Chinese history has been, to a certain extent, a historical process of China's modernization. So it is vital and quite significant to combine the two issues in the study, and the research in this regard is, nevertheless, yet to be conducted more penetratingly at present.

By the Office of the Project of Studying and Building Marxist Theory in Beijing and translated by People's Daily Online
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