Communist Party of China rooted among masses

08:18, July 08, 2011      

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Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, delivered a keynote speech on July 1 to mark the Party's 90th birthday. His speech drew worldwide attention and many foreign reporters were surprised to find that the Chinese leadership did not feel smug or complacent. A China expert based in Spain said that Hu has a clear mind to maintain a high level of vigilance against the problems facing China.

Hu said the Party is faced with four major tests, namely the tests in governing the country, in implementing the Reform and Opening-up Policy, in developing the market economy, and in dealing with the external environment. Furthermore, it is also facing four major dangers, namely the dangers of slacking off mentally, of being incompetent, of alienating the masses, and of being dispirited and corrupt.

According to tradition, the Chinese people tend to only talk about good news on one's birthday, so it is very unusual for the Party's top leader to frankly admit the dangers and explain countermeasures in great detail on such an occasion.

So, how will the CPC overcome the dangers and pass the tests in the new era? Hu also offered a time-tested "key." The key is an extremely eye-catching word that frequently appeared in his speech: the people. It almost appeared between the lines of every important paragraph. Hu said, "Coming from the people, rooting in the people and serving the people are the foundation of our Party to forever be at an invincible position."

It is true. In the past 90 years, the Party once again met numerous crises, but it has overcome all of them. What did the Party depend on? We can look through the historical experience of the Party to find the answer.

At the beginning of the 1920s, such sentences once appeared in the earliest Communist Party of China manifesto, "The Party must lead the revolutionary proletariat to fight with the capitalists and seize the political power from their hands" as well as "put the power into the hands of workers and peasants."

In 1945, Mao Zedong said, "Another significant difference between the CPC and any other political parties is that we the CPC members are closely connected with the great masses and the people and serve the people whole-heartedly."

Today, Hu Jintao said, "Use power for the people, show concern for the people and seek the benefit of the people."

The context is very clear. Seeking human emancipation is the ultimate goal of Marxist theory, and leading the Chinese people to prosperous lives and achieving the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the Party's mission at all times.

The support from the people is the most basic force sustaining the development of the Party and has enabled the Party to survive numerous vital tests during the course of fulfilling its mission.

The Party has withstood the tests of poverty, humbleness, threats and force over its 90 years of development, and must face serious tests and the temptations of wealth. The motives and support behind the Party's 90 years of commitment to its mission is just the Party's "secret weapon": the same conclusion drawn by the Party's top leader Hu Jintao and China's grassroots Tibetan farmers, which is to hold to the solidarity with the people.

If all Party members can put such an idea into practice, any "danger" will surely be turned into an opportunity. "Keeping close ties with the masses is the Party's greatest political advantage, while alienating the masses is any ruling party's biggest danger. The Party must always put the interests of the people above all things," said Hu Jintao.

By Li Hongbing from People's Daily Overseas Edition and the article is translated by People's Daily.

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