Why CPC can develop China's productive forces

08:29, June 29, 2011      

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China has the most active, the strongest and the most practical productive forces. How can the CPC develop China's productive forces? Please compare the following facts:

As we all know, electric power is a sign of productivity levels. Japan has a developed productivity level. However, the recent earthquake in Japan triggered the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis and led to power shortages in the Kanto region. Japan failed to adjust the electric power nationwide because the Kansai Electric Power Company, located in the Kansai region, and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, located in the Kanto region, could not integrate their grids. Some regions including Tokyo had to implement three-hour rotation power cuts and many enterprises even suspended their production.

Why is its power grid divided into an eastern grid and a western grid? In Japan, different companies represent the interests of different capitalists and the government cannot interfere with their affairs. In contrast, the Communist Party of China is the ruling party of China and represents the fundamental interests of the people throughout the country. China has unified standards and united people. Therefore, integrating the power grid is a matter of course.

The advantages of the Party are shown in such simple things.

China's integrated power grid can smoothly allocate power around the country. The power grid can transmit power from western regions to eastern regions to complement each other's advantages and also transmit power from eastern regions to western regions to assist the western development. For instance, the power grid connection project underway on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau will fundamentally address Tibet's power shortage issue, better allocate resources in west regions and advance sustainable economic and social development of Tibet and Qinghai.

The integrated power grid has contributed to China's great development. China has established the world's first 800-kilovolt DC transmission line and first 1,000-kilovolt AC transmission line and its ultra-high-voltage power transmission technology standard has been recommended by the International Electro Technical Commission as the international standard.

In terms of power generation, all power generation equipment with capacities above 300,000 kilowatts had to be imported during the early period after China's reform and opening-up, while all newly-installed power generation equipment with capacities above 100 million kilowatts in China are domestically made. A total of 33 ultra-high-voltage power generation equipment with a capacity above 1 million kilowatts has been put into operation in China, and the number of which is the largest around the world. Thanks to the absolutely high cost performance of China-made power generation equipment, China has won almost all of the 10 million kilowatt power generation equipment bids in India and Indonesia.

In terms of new energy, China has made enormous progress in this field and independently designed and manufactured 5 megawatt and 6 megawatt wind turbines and leads in this field around the world. China's annual solar battery output has reached 8 million kilowatts, 50 percent of the world's total. U.S. President Barack Obama had reiterated the development of China's new energy sector in his State of the Union message for 2011 and said that his country needs another "Sputnik moment."

In addition to the new energy, China has made many miracles under the leadership of the Party. China used to be a poverty-stricken mess but has rapidly evolved into the world's second largest economy by establishing the socialist relations of production based on the social ownership of the means of production and by carrying out reforms and building the socialist market economy under the Party's leadership. It is the masses that own the means of social production, and it is the socialist market economy that has strengthened the people's motivation and creativity and emancipated the productive forces. China has become the world's largest producer of grain, steel, cement, coal, non-ferrous metals and many other major industrial and agricultural products. The country has also made many inspiring scientific achievements, including the successful development of atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, man-made satellites, hybrid rice and manned spacecraft. The living standards of the Chinese people have greatly improved. In addition, China has developed into the world's top exporter, and has played a major role in saving the world economy from the global financial crisis. With a scientific outlook on development, the Chinese people are working all out to accelerate the transformation of the economic development pattern, and to achieve all-round, balanced, and sustainable social and economic development.

Mao Zedong noted at the seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China that the correctness of any policy introduced by a political party in China depended on whether it could help the Chinese people to emancipate and develop the productive forces. The strong productive forces in today's China and many vivid and solid facts have proven that the Party's goal of leading the Chinese people to carry out revolutions and reforms is to promote the emancipation and development of productive forces. In essence, socialism is about liberating and developing the productive forces.

By Ye Xiaowen from People's Daily and the article is translated by People's Daily Online.

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