Chinese can derive strength from Party history

09:01, June 24, 2011      

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Friedrich Engels once said: "History is everything to us" and the 90-year history of the Communist Party of China is also the inspired history of the Chinese revolution, the unyielding history of Chinese construction and the magnificent history of Chinese reform. It is the precious wealth of the Party, the powerful spiritual force that can be applied to reality, and the important resource of promoting the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and constructing great new projects.

The Party's exploration and efforts, successes and setbacks, experiences and lessons during its 90-year history provide historical reference for promoting scientific development and social harmony. It is also related to achieving new victories in building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, providing useful enlightenment for improving the scientific level of Party building and consolidating the Party's position, and the spiritual impetus for dealing with ideological challenges and consolidating the common ideological based on the entire Party and people of all ethnic groups. In other words, the 90-year history of the Party can provide endless wisdom and power to continue to move forward.

Attaching great importance and cherishing the Party's history, absorbing the fruits of the Party's history and using historical experience to guide and promote future development is the fine tradition and political advantage of the Party. The Party has now been established for 90 years and in a new period of the new century the Communist Party of China should run a virtuous government for the people and always remain the strong leadership core of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

One important point is to effectively absorb the fruits of the Party's history. The Party can perform well in various tasks and bravely take historical responsibility only through deeply understanding its own history. Currently, the majority of Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres at all levels, are learning from the history of the Party, and the key is to grasp the following aspects:

The Party has always complied with the tide of historical development and changed with the times. Historical experience shows that whether or not a political party can become a progressive force to move forward social and historical development fundamentally depends on whether it can follow the development direction and trend of the times and strive to stay ahead. The fundamental reason why the Party has accomplished remarkable achievements and withstood various types of stern tests during its 90-year struggle lies in that it has always followed the tide of historical development and changed with the times. Major changes have taken place in the world economy, politics, culture and technology, as well as the environment at home and abroad related to China's reform and opening-up. Given such a complicated situation, China should further develop a world vision and strategic intellectual capabilities as well as follow the correct trend for the development of China and the world. It should not to lose its direction or miss its goals amid distractions in order to seize opportunities, develop itself and accomplish new achievements despite various challenges.

Always adhering to the principle of serving the interests of the people and being adept at organizing, educating and reaching out to the people is the Party's greatest political advantage. The advantage is rooted in the Party's nature and tenets as well as in the ethics of Party members. Thanks to this advantage, the Party has secured a solid foundation, a strong backing and widespread support, continued to develop from small to large and from weak to strong and accomplished its goals during the course of revolution, construction and reform.

Under new historical conditions, the Party can only withstand various types of tests and always remain robust and dynamic by making full use of its advantage and always serving the interests of the people. Drawing importance to utilizing this greatest advantage and always serving the interests of the people is concrete instead of abstract, which should be embodied in the Party’s theoretical guidelines, work and in the specific actions of each Party members and cadre. Party members and cadres should increase their awareness of serving the people, always maintain their close bond with the people, always act as servants of the people and perform pragmatic and good deeds for the people.

The Party has made remarkable achievements and developed many fine traditions in the past 90 years, including the three practices of linking theory and practice, adhering to the mass line, conducting self-criticism, the Jinggangshan Spirit, Long March Spirit, Yan'an Spirit, and Xibaipo Spirit during China's revolutionary period, the Daqing Spirit, Lei Feng Spirit, "Two Bombs and One Satellite" Spirit, and the Red Flag Canal Spirit shortly after the founding of the People's Republic of China, as well as the spirits manifested in the manned space programs, earthquake relief and the Beijing Olympic Games after the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy.

These traditions were developed in a long, arduous, and complex process based on Marxism and thousands of years of fine Chinese cultural traditions, and are the spiritual treasures of the Party and the Chinese people. The Party should advance with the times, carry forward its existing fine traditions and make efforts to develop fine new traditions under new circumstances.

China should make progress based on practical situations and always insist on enterprising and innovative spirits. If a political party, a nation or a country wants to achieve great goals or realize development and progress it must possess enterprising and innovative spirits. The Party has maintained such spirits since it was born and shortly after it was founded, the members of the Communist Party of China, whose representative was Mao Zedong, had combined the ultimate principles of Marxism-Leninism with the practical situations of China and creatively brought forward the revolutionary way of using villages to surround cities and launching armed uprisings. Since then, the future of China's revolution has become bright and clear. It can be said that every step of the cause of the Party was closely connected with the enterprising spirit and innovation in the past 90 years.

Currently, the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics that China is engaged in is a brand-new cause. Karl Marx never talked about it, our predecessors had never done it and other socialist countries have never done it as well. Therefore, we have no successful experience to learn from. China must boldly carry out innovation in theory, system, science, technology and other realms, use innovation to deal with new challenges and make new great progress so that it can continue to create new dimensions for its cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

By Li Xiaosan, executive vice president of the Jinggangshan Cadre Academy of China, translated by People's Daily Online

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