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Can "desire for peace" be voiced in such way?
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20:32, March 28, 2008

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The incident that occurred in Lhasa on March 14, widely known as the "March 14" incident, has simply been a case of serious secessionist violence. The people of all ethnicities across China have been vehemently condemning or denouncing such violent acts as beating, smashing, ransacking and committing arson in violation of law, which was aimed at seceding the motherland.

"Do not impose on others what you would not like others to impose on you," as the old Chinese saying goes. If those people merely want to voice their so-called desire or appeal for peace as some one had claimed, why should they resort to riot to damage people's property and deprive others of their lives in the first place, and is their violent moves pertinent to "peace" to the least ?

The "March 14" incident has incurred grave casualties upon innocent local people. A group of thugs beat up people they encountered on their way, ransacked stores, and some of them even set fire to resident houses and shops. As a result, 10 locals were burnt to death, including an eight-month-old baby boy. May we ask how could a baby unable to speak could bother them and why they laid their murderous hands on him, So, where is the justice to speak of?

As is known to all that Tibetans are the peace-loving people, who truly cherish and aspire for a good, auspicious and peaceful life. In the course of building up their beautiful and splendid Tibet, they advocate spreading science, improving legality in the region and, of course, long for progress in effecting democratic politics. While going in for developing its economy and culture, Tibet, as elsewhere in China, has taken the promotion of legality as a crucial, important component part of its endeavor to further improve the social system, so as to keep enhancing, improving and systematizing its legality.

Rioters in the "March 14" incident, however, have involved themselves in beating, smashing, ransacking, and committing arson, and no country under the rule of law on earth will permit such treacherous violence to happen. Several suspects have been detained over two arson attacks in which 10 people died during the Lhasa riots and have confessed. The offenders in the "March 14" incident are subjected to their due, fair punishment for the sake of defending the dignity of human rights in accordance with law.

A political, civilized history of the world has been precisely the history of setting up social justice step by step and the history of protecing the human dignity step by step. In the final analysis, the political civilization of a contemporary society represents a process of strictly abiding by procedures, respecting expressions for peace and striving for widespread recognition. This process has been guaranteed by the national constitution and laws and decrees, and Chinese society today is also following this path.

In a bid to create a relatively affluent life, both ethnic Tibetan and Han people in China share an identical view with respect to their aspirations, and rioters resorting to beating, smashing, ransacking and arson are, nevertheless, unacceptable to all.

During the "March 14" incident, a large number of Tibetan compatriots came to the aid of victims to help them escape, with a lot of moving, inspiring stories currently spreading far and wide on the vast "snow-covered expanse" of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Their affection, benevolence and large-mindedness have set off by contrast the ruthlessness and tyranny of thugs. Moreover, people have become aware that the looters' evil deeds are closely related to ravings or wild languages to secede the motherland. So people with a reasoning power are sure to be clear about what trick is behind.

The road of governing their nation in accordance with law poses a correct choice made by the Chinese people after having experienced much untold miseries and hardships. Civilization and order, and the rationale (or reasoning) and legality have struck increasingly deeper roots into the minds of people in China.

By People's Daily Online and its author is Qian Jiang, a PD desk editor

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