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Testimony from "Never-ending Dance"
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14:33, September 09, 2008

"Every disabled person can realize his/her dream," is a testimony from the "Never-ending Dance" performed at the Paralympics opening ceremony, said Li Wenqian, a sign language director Monday.

The episode presented by one amputee and 109 deaf dancers at the ceremony stunned the audiences with its high artistic quality, but more, with its understanding of the meaning of life.

"They are not disabled; instead, they are only unable or inconvenient. Although the girl lost a leg, but we can help her to fulfill her ballet dream by some other means," said Li, from China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe, where all the deaf dancers come from.

"With the deaf dancers mimicking the move of girl's lower limbs with their hands, they completed the girl's dream of performing on the stage. We embodied this meaning in the dance," said Li, who stood last Saturday in the center of the stage to lead the dancers with gestures.

To keep the dancers rhythmic and synchronized was the most difficult part of the dance, according to Li.

To achieve it, the sign language directors first interpreted the music to the deaf children, then explained to them the beats and rhyme, and finally turned the volume of the speakers to the maximum and had the children touch the speakers to feel the music.

The amputee girl Li Yue lost her left leg in the killing Sichuan Earthquake. But she survived over 70 hours under the rubbles simply by dreaming of becoming a balletina in face of death.

Li also said all the sign languages directors cherish deep affection for the deaf children. As to the role of the four sign language teachers in the group dance, Li said they just added the "finishing touches" by hinting the children when the move was about to change.

"But our gesture language, which carries a sense of beauty and could be regarded as a dance and a special form of art, also serves as an approach to express ourselves," said Li.

Source: Xinhua

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