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International education a part of London 2012
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16:16, September 08, 2008

Educational programs will be launched soon to fulfill the promise of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games that young people of the world will be encouraged to participate into sport and understand other cultures.

When the Paralympic flag is handed over to the Mayor of London on 17th September, Britain will launch its official London 2012 education program for schools and colleges across the UK. Entitled 'Get Set', the program will provide young people in every school and college across the UK with the opportunity to get involved in the 2012 Games.

The program will feature a range of games, news articles, films and fact sheets designed to get young people thinking about the Olympic and Paralympic Values. Another part will be 'The Pod', a sustainability education resource for teachers, pupils, parents and governors who wish to make their school greener and more sustainable. Another project, called ‘Who do we think we are?, will be a week of activities held at schools and colleges to help young people to think about important issues such as identity, diversity and community within their local area and how these relate to national identity.

A related strand of activity will be devoted to international sport development. The first phase of the program will be a pilot held in five countries around the world to look specifically at how to inspire young people to participate in sport. And as in Beijing, London 2012 will hold an International Olympic Youth Camp where two young people from every competing nation will take experience the excitement and atmosphere of an Olympic Games.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will also highlight Britain's commitment to broadening the international horizons of people through educating people within the UK about the world and encouraging understanding of other cultures.

International students form 14% of the full-time student population in the UK and 43% at research postgraduate level. Globally, Britain is the second top destination for foreign students behind the USA with 12% of international students choosing courses in the UK.

Britain hopes that the programs would not only broaden the international horizons of people from many diverse backgrounds, but also strengthen understanding and levels of trust between people in the UK and other societies throughout the world, up to and during the Olympics - and beyond.

By People's Daily Online

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