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Full text of speech by BOCOG president at Beijing Olympics closing ceremony
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22:27, August 24, 2008

The following is the full text of the speech delivered by Liu Qi, president of the Beijing Organizing Committee of the 29th Olympic Games (BOCOG) at the Games' closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Respected President Hu Jintao and Mrs Hu,

Respected IOC President Rogge and Mrs Rogge,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

The Games of the XXIX Olympiad is coming to a successful conclusion. At the moment the curtain is about to fall on the Beijing Olympic Games, please allow me, on behalf of BOCOG, to express my sincere gratitude to the IOC, IFs, NOCs, and all friends who have contributed to the success of this Olympic Games.

The past 16 days have witnessed superb athletic performances and sportsmanship. Athletes from 204 countries and regions have competed in the Games in the Olympic spirit. They have shown off their great perseverance, given their very best in a fair play environment, and achieved amazing results by breaking 38 world records and 85 Olympic records. Let us congratulate the athletes on their great achievements! Let us pay tribute to all those who have participated in the Games! Let us thank the media and all the staff who have worked so hard to make the Games such a great event!

"One World, One Dream". The world today is in need of mutual understanding, inclusiveness, cooperation and harmonious development. The Beijing Olympic Games is a testimony of the fact that the world has its trust rested upon China. Owing to the Games, people have been united as one Olympic family, regardless of their nationalities, ethnic origins and cultural backgrounds. Their understanding has been deepened and their friendship renewed. The Chinese people, teeming with enthusiasm, have honored the commitments they solemnly made. They have realized the concepts of "Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics", leaving a huge and rich legacy both in culture and sport. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is a grand celebration of sport, a grand celebration of peace and a grand celebration of friendship

Dear friends,

The Olympic flame atop the National Stadium will soon extinguish, and yet the Chinese people's enthusiasm in embracing the world will be ablaze forever. At this moment, we hope you will bear in mind the vigour and vitality of Beijing and the co-host cities, bear in mind the Chinese people who are deeply faithful to the Olympic Movement, and bear in mind the smile and dedication of the volunteers. We sincerely wish the Olympic Movement a sustainable development.

Now, I have the honor of inviting Mr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, to speak.

Source: Xinhua

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