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Metals vs. poultry: China's trade disputes with its major partners

09:00, June 25, 2009

MOFCOM: industrial materials export policy in line with WTO rules

China's export policiy on raw materials is in accordance with WTO rules, said the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) in a statement issued on June 24, adding that China will properly handle this issue with other countries applying the WTO dispute settlement procedures.
Protection of environment and natural resources is the main purpose of China's raw material export policies, said the MOFCOM in the statement.
China has already received the US and the EU's WTO complaints. On the issues of export policies, China has always be in contact with them, according to the Ministry. [Full Text]

China's recent trade disputes:
· China believes possible US investigation into China's steel products lacks factual evidence
· China expresses strong dissatisfaction at two trade investigations launched by US
· Chinese exports to US face high anti-dumping tax
· China opposes EU's imposition of anti-dumping duties on Chinese seamless steel pipe
· EU reviews extending 19-year-old anti-dumping against China's silicon metal

· U.S., EU file WTO complaints over Chinese raw materials

The US and the EU on June 23 filed complaints to the WTO over so-called Chinese restrictions on the export of key industrial raw materials, claiming that those restrictions create unfair advantages for Chinese industries and distort world competition, thus violating WTO regulations.

· EU: amicable solution preferred, but more action possible on China's exports

The European Union expressed its willingness to "find an amicable solution" to its trade dispute with China on China's raw material export tariffs, but warned at the same time that further action against more Chinese products is possible.

· Expert: trade disputes not a cause for concern

"China's adjustment of industrial material export policy is in line with the WTO rules ... China should learn to be used to dealing with trade disputes," said a UIBE professor.

· China cuts, ends export tariffs on grain and other products to boost exports

China will abolish export duties on some grains and industrial products and cut the duties for chemical fertilizers and nonferrous metals from July 1, said the MOF in a statement.

· China requests establishment of WTO panel on US poultry ban

The US ban on Chinese poultry products has violated the GATT and the WTO Agricultural Convention. China therefore request the establishment of a WTO expert panel to investigate and rule on the legality of the US measures as the consultations failed.

· Industry: US poultry ban against China unfair

"There will be no surge of poultry export from China to the US even if the US lifts its ban. However, it is at least possible for Chinese producers to tap the new market if the ban is removed."

· China files WTO complaints over U.S. poultry ban
· China to sue US poultry ban at WTO

In April, 2004, China and the US agreed to resume bilateral trade on poultry products, ending the suspension after the bird flu outbreak. China then opened its market to the US on frozen poultry products. However, the US has not honored its commitment.
In 2008, the European Union lifted its six-year ban on Chinese cooked poultry products.

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